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Is mijn hoofdpijn echt sinusitis?

The type of sinusitis and the individual who has it can have different symptoms. The symptoms of sinusitis are common in many people (estimated at 87%) and can be triggered by the common cold. This is a complete list of symptoms (with details) that I was able to find on the internet. Head Congestion is a feeling of stuffiness, most noticeable when you get out of bed. It is usually relieved by a hot shower but not cured.


It may manifest as a dull, aching sensation behind or above your eyes. You might also feel dizziness or lightheadedness. Headache and/or Facial Pain, which can sometimes be difficult to distinguish, are another common symptom. The specifics will vary depending on the sinus being inflamed. There are actually four sets of sinus cavities and not just one or two like many people think.

Just like your legs or arms, sinus cavities are in pairs. I won’t get too technical because it would confuse the people I am writing it for. I am not writing this to nurses or other health care professionals. Pain and swelling in the cheeks, or in the eye or upper teeth (maxillary sinus) are some of the symptoms. Ethmoid sinuses are pain between and behind the eyes.

Frontal sinuses

These are pain in the forehead and above the eyes. A generalized pain in the head that becomes worse when your head is jarred (ethmoid sinuses) or a headache at the base of your skull (sphenoids syndromes) could also be a possibility. Swollen mucous membranes can prevent air from entering your sinuses, creating a vacuum that causes severe pain.

This is why many sinus sufferers feel pain when the barometrics pressure changes. Now that you know what the problem is and what the symptoms are, you may be able to identify sinusitis. It is not common for a sinus headache or migraine to be mistakenly misdiagnosed. You could try the traditional route, which involves using analgesics, decongestants, cough suppressants, and analgesics, as well as antibiotics. You can also use a steam inhaler, or maybe a Neti pot to clean your nasal passages. The Neti Pot is a proven treatment for chronic sinusitis.

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If you have tried many rounds of antibiotics, as well as other medications or surgery, and still have not found relief, it may be time to consider one of the alternative treatments. You must carefully read the instructions before you use the Net Pot. Use a special saline solution. Learn how to position your head to ensure that the solution comes out the opposite nostril. It is a tedious process that I have tried, but it is possible to master it. It’s like riding a bicycle. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to do so every time.