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    Moet ik thuisblijven als ik hoofdpijn heb?

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    People who suffer from migraine headaches often choose to stay at home or go to the hospital when they experience an attack. They may not realize that their home environment could trigger migraine attacks. Research has shown that although the condition is mostly inherited, 40% of cases are due to the sufferers’ environment. An individual who is already susceptible to migraines and is exposed to an environmental trigger will experience an attack or at most a few symptoms.

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    How can you make sure your home doesn’t give you headaches if you suffer from migraines regularly? All known allergens should be removed.

    • Mold, mildew and dust mites are common household allergens. To avoid allergic reactions, you can change your air filter or use cotton sheets.
    • Carbon monoxide. This toxic gas is both odorless but colorless, and is difficult to detect. It can be caused by gas appliances, furnaces, poorly ventilated fireplaces, and cars that are running in the garage. Carbon monoxide detectors can be installed to detect the presence of poisonous gas in your home.
    • Cigarette smoke. Ask your household members to quit smoking. The smell of cigarettes can cause headaches and a rapid start. This could be a great opportunity to convince your partner to quit smoking.
    • Water impurities. To eliminate chemical traces from your water, you can buy a small water filter that fits under your faucet. If you are very sensitive, you can also purchase a household filter system or water softener.
    • Pet dander. If you are unable to give up your pet, you should seek allergy treatment. Also, ensure your pet doesn’t sleep in the same bedroom as you.
    • Pesticides. Pesticides. Switch to organic pest control products instead of harmful chemical-based pesticides.
    • Cleaning products. Some common cleaning products can trigger migraines. Switch to natural cleaning products. You will be surprised at how many chemicals you are using. Try organic cleaning products.
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