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Waarom natuurlijke behandelingen voor migraine proberen?

People who suffer from migraines are most likely to experience them. You may experience a severe headache, flashing lights, narrowed eyes, stabbing pains, or even nausea. It is so vivid that only migraine sufferers can explain it. While statistics show that around 10% of the population suffers from migraines, researchers have yet to find a cause. They can be caused by a variety of factors.

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According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, there has been an increase of 60 percent in migraines since 1980. Research suggests that there may be an underlying nutritional cause. Environmental pollution and allergies are also possible causes. Statistics show that women between the ages 25 and 44 are most vulnerable, especially between ovulation (and just after menstruation).

Researchers are also studying the strong genetic link that migraines often run in families. Migraines can last from one to 72 hours. They often incapacitate people with impaired vision, pins and needles, disrupted thinking, difficulty speaking and walking, and impaired vision.


Researchers have now proposed a new hypothesis to explain migraines. Originally, it was believed that migraines were caused by hormonal or biochemical changes that cause blood vessels to dilate and constrict. Some evidence suggests that migraines may be caused by disruptions in serotonin delivery and production. Serotonin, a biochemical that can affect digestion, temperature control and cardiovascular function, mood and sleep, as well as the way the body processes biochemistry and any pain medications you may be taking, is one of the most versatile biochemicals.

Lack of water is one of the main reasons that the body experiences an inflammatory response. At first, the body may experience low levels of dehydration. This can lead to more severe conditions.


There are many factors that can play a role in this process, including hormones, histamine response and hormones. The body needs more water to line the uterus and provide the nutrients that are required for pregnancy. It would be a good idea to increase the water intake of women so that there is no water crisis.

Many migraine sufferers have experienced complete relief from migraines by simply drinking more water. A 1997 study also found that migraines were reduced by consuming essential fatty acids supplements containing gamma linolenic (GLA) or alpha linolenic (ALA). The study found that 22 percent of the 168 participants had no migraines, and 90 percent had nausea and vomiting significantly reduced.


Magnesium, which is found in soybeans and whole grains, as well as seeds, nuts, fish, vegetables, and whole grains, has shown promising results for migraine sufferers. Research is showing magnesium’s potential as a pain receptor regulator and prevention of blood vessel spasms. Magnesium has a strong influence on the brain, nervous system and circulatory systems. This has been proven in migraine studies.

The study showed that sufferers experienced fewer migraines with a lower intensity. 600 mg seemed to be the magic number. The brain blood flow was also higher in participants to this test, according to tests. We all know that gingko biloba is a great brain booster. Now researchers have shown that it can also be used to relieve migraine pain.

Gingko Biloba

Ginkgolide B is the magic ingredient in gingko. Ginkgolide B, which is 60 mg of gingko biloba and 8 mg of vitaminB2, was given to patients. It was to be taken twice daily. After four months of supplementation, 42 percent of the participants reported fewer headaches and shorter durations. Feverfew is an excellent anti-inflammatory and can also improve blood vessel tone.

When taken for two months, migraines are less severe. For best results, feverfew should be taken daily as it is a powerful preventative. Migraines can be caused by many things, including the weather. It is worth trying these natural remedies, such as increasing your water intake and taking feverfew daily to lower your inflammation response, improve low-level chronic metabolic acidosis, improve your hydration, and help you swallow the natural migraine fighters. These natural migraine fighters can help you to say goodbye to migraines.