Strona głównaArtykułJak zapobiegać pokrzywce i zgrubieniom na penisie?

    Jak zapobiegać pokrzywce i zgrubieniom na penisie?

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    A rash on the penis is bad enough – a case of hives on (and around) the penis is even worse. Creating penis bumps and overall redness, hives may be an annoying organ health issue. Men tend to be already self-conscious about benign penis bumps like Fordyce spots or pearly penile papules; hives, which give the appearance of being worse and of being infectious (even though they’re not) can be a certain turn-off to sexual partners.

    Penis health

    So it might reason that preventing hives is an superb penis health strategy. Although hives is its common name, the medical name for this problem is urticaria. And it’s also known by other names, such as welts or nettle rash. Hives present as a set of red, raised, itchy rash, which on the member can seem like penis bumps. Sometimes there is some scaliness involved, and typically the place between the lumps is also red.

    On individuals whose skin tone is darker, the redness might not be as pronounced as on people with lighter skin tones. Where do these welts come from? Basically, they happen from the body’s efforts to combat an allergen, something which causes the body to improve its immune system reaction. In cases like this, it does so by increasing the quantity of histamines in the body. This occasionally causes blood capillaries to flow, with the fluid collecting together in the skin and bringing about the hives.

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    Hives causes

    There are many factors that could cause hives, which are often known as”triggers.” The best way to prevent hives is to learn which triggers affect someone and take action to prevent the cause from being triggered. Many different medications, particularly some antibiotics, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti inflammatory medications ( like aspirin), and ACE inhibitors. When the trigger is understood, it’s much easier to determine preventive steps to take.

    For instance, doctors could try altering medication options if the current drug used is a cause for hives. If, say, eggs are a food trigger for a individual, he’ll have to avoid eating eggs and, depending on precisely how sensitive, also avoid foods where eggs are a huge component. Wearing long pants and long-sleeved tops when entering mountainous regions that may harbor poison ivy or poison oak can help prevent hives due to these plant triggers.


    It is a common cause, and it could also be a secondary cause, in other words, another trigger can cause the hives, but stress may worsen it. Working with a physician or other professional to determine strategies to help reduce anxiety can be a big help in preventing hives. People with hives should talk to their physicians to establish a treatment plan and a strategy to avoid a recurrence once it’s successfully treated.

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    Penis bumps from hives will likely profit from daily use of a first-class penis health oil. Not all penis health oils are equivalent, so carefully inspect the ingredients list. What’s required is one that contains both a high-end emollient (shea butter is an excellent one) and a natural hydrator (for example, vitamin E). The oil should also include vitamin A, which has particular antiaging benefits and helps fight common skin blemishes.

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