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    Jakie są wspólne problemy z wygiętym penisem?

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    As many men know, a bent penis isn’t unusual, but if the curvature is extremely pronounced, it may cause problems, such as pain and difficulty engaging in sexual activity. Sometimes, this bent penis might be caused by vasculitis, an inflammatory condition.


    It can have an effect beyond penis health, so handling the issue is important to a man’s overall well-being. To put it simply, vasculitis refers to a scenario where the blood vessels become inflamed. This inflammation may have two contradictory results. On the one hand, the vessels become diminished and extend. Sometimes, this extending makes the boat so thin it breaks, causing blood to flow in the tissue in the region near the rupture.

    On the other hand, vasculitis occasionally makes the blood vessel get thinner and thinner, impeding the proper flow of blood, and in a number of situations causing an occlusion. This prevents blood (and oxygen) from getting to tissue, and affected tissue becomes damaged. Vasculitis is just one of the annoying conditions for which medicine and science hasn’t yet determined an specific cause.

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    However, doctors do know that whatever causes it leads to a change in the immune system, causing it to become overactive. Often, the immune system begins to attack antigens from the blood vessel walls, causing this issue. And the bent penis? So how does all this relate to a bent penis? Among the common causes of excessive penis curvature is a build-up of scar tissue in the region. Sometimes, this is a result of injury to the penis.

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    Too much rough handling causes a thin layer of scar tissue to grow. If that is repeated over time in precisely the exact same region, that scar tissue hardens and causes the penis to veer off at an angle. Something similar can occur with vasculitis. If a penile blood vessel ruptures, the tissue is damaged. If an occlusion occurs from the penis, that also causes damage to the tissue. That tissue naturally will fix itself, which leads to scar tissue.

    As with bodily injury, the build-up of scar tissue may cause the penis to angle off (or down or up ). Needless to say, vasculitis can happen anywhere in the body. While a bent penis might be a issue, vasculitis in other areas of the body can be even more serious – and sometimes fatal. So if a physician decides that a bent penis is because of vasculitis, the measures he takes to deal with it could prevent the problem from growing elsewhere in the body.


    How is vasculitis diagnosed and treated? Doctors generally search for certain symptoms that are often associated with vasculitis. These include a low red blood cell count, a high white cell count, a high platelet count, liver or kidney problems, and specific antibodies. Treatment depends upon lots of factors, including which regions are affected. Corticosteroids are often used, in addition to drugs that can help control the immune system more efficiently. Whether due to vasculitis or not, the scar tissue which might lead to a bent penis may need additional attention from a person. Regular use of a first rate penis health creme provides supplemental relief which helps boost the overall health of the manhood in question.

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    Because scarring typically is accompanied by a diminishment of feeling in the penis, selecting a crème with a neuroprotective component is recommended. One such ingredient is acetyl L carnitine, which prevents peripheral nerve damage to the organ and helps to restore the sensitivity that a man desires in his manhood. The crème should also include alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant. Both of these ingredients have a synergistic relationship, so the combination of both in 1 crème provides greater benefits than using these individually. As an antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid offsets harmful oxidative processes in penile cell mitochondria.

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