Strona głównaDietaKtóre białka są dobre dla mojego układu nerwowego?

    Które białka są dobre dla mojego układu nerwowego?

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    The nervous system is among the most complex systems in the human body and therefore is vulnerable to a range of diseases, conditions and disorders which may range from temporary, minor glitches into a durable and widespread event.

    Układ nerwowy

    Problems within the nervous system can begin from something as straightforward as a vitamin deficiency or something as irreversible as family history and genetics. Knowing the probable ailments, their risk factors and warning signs can be critical to getting the proper kind of treatment as rapidly as possible. As an example, in the case of a stroke, the earlier the diagnosis, the better!

    There’s a small window of time during which particular drugs can be given which can restore most or even all the functions to the stroke victim, without lasting side effects. This window begins at the beginning of symptoms and closes fast. If the time can’t be established, the drugs are generally unable to be given in any respect. It’s estimated that between 4 to 5 percent of Americans over age 65 have some neurological and intellectual impairment with Alzheimer’s disease being the cause in about half of those.

    Alzheimer’s disease

    It is a progressive and incurable degeneration of the brain and is supposed to influence around 4 million Americans and is the fourth leading cause of death in the nation. It starts with short term memory problems that extend beyond ordinary forgetfulness. As the disorder progresses other systems will get affected and the patient will be not able to eat independently or to walk. The system will begin shutting down and an organ failure will cause death.

    Udar mózgu

    It is thought to be both a nervous system disorder in addition to a disease of the cardiovascular system. There are numerous types of strokes and they could affect just about any region of the brain. The estimate is that at least 2 million people are affected by a stroke of some sort which affects girls twice as often as men. Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the nation.

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    choroba Parkinsona

    Which becomes more prevalent with age, is just another progressively degenerative disorder that is characterized by tremor, rigidity and flexed posture. Treatment for Parkinson’s disease may vary as do the signs and the speed of progression. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s utilized by the body in acts associated with motion, learning and attention. Dopamine is also responsible for strengthening the effects of the medication that people often misuse. Dopamine is given to people with Parkinson’s, in the kind of L-Dopa that’s transformed by the nerves to dopamine. The rest of the dopamine centers in the brain are then stimulated to create more, relieving the symptoms. Eventually, this therapy will become less and less effective and the symptoms will return.

    A Good Diet Plan

    The proper diet to follow when treating nervous system disorders will be dependent on a variety of factors. It must take into consideration the true diagnosis, the risk factors which might have caused the disease in the first place and the main risk factors that will need to be address instantly.

    Factors like hypertension, obesity and other diseases ought to be the principal focus of a healthy diet as well as for the medical treatment. These factors can be associated with one another that in some instances taking care of one can relieve others. As an example, by simply losing weight, you reduce your total blood pressure and cholesterol levels occasionally to the point of no longer needing drugs.

    A fantastic diet plan to aid with weight reduction and blood pressure may be the DASH diet program, advocated by the American Heart Association. DASH or, dietary approaches to stop hypertension focuses on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and limiting saturated fats and salt. Regardless of what diet plan you think about, ensure you discuss it with your physician who can help you determine which one is perfect for your identification and will work with your medicines.


    The perfect diet will consist of foods from all the main food groups with focus on the three macronutrients: protein, fats and carbohydrates. The ideal quantity of each of these foods is critical. The perfect amount of calories is also very important particularly if weight loss is the goal. Fats – Despite the reputation that fats are bad for you and diet programs that tried to remove them completely from the dietfats are necessary and must be contained in the diet.

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    Steer clear of saturated fats (the fats which are solid at room temperature in addition to hydrogenated fats found in processed foods). Healthy fats include the fats found in salmon and other cold water fish, nuts, olive and jojoba oil and avocadoes. Healthy fats should make up around 15-20percent of their daily calories.


    Carbohydrates are the principal source of energy within the body and should constitute about 50% of their general daily calories. Simple carbohydrates are the easiest to break down and have a tendency to cause the blood glucose to be elevated too fast which increases the amount of insulin that’s released and will result in weight gain. Complex carbohydrates are better choices as they’re slower to digest in the body. Whole grains pasta and bread are great examples of complex carbohydrates.


    Protein stems from both plant and animal sources and is very important to every cell and use of the human body such as the immune system and the nervous system. In addition to these, certain proteins can be helpful to the cardiovascular system too. The American Heart Association recommends that the diet include no more than 35% protein, however there are some conditions that may suggest more protein. There are other conditions which may suggest slightly less protein in the diet too, depending on the drugs that are used. Because some of the men and women who have experienced neurological diseases might have problems getting enough nourishment or with absorbing nutrients from the foods they do consume, protein supplements could be the ideal answer.

    Protein supplements which could vary from shakes to powders and liquid nutritional supplement shots, should just be added to the diet with a physician’s advice and consent. Protein supplements include whey protein, soy protein, egg protein and rice protein. Supplements are often prescribed to people with Parkinson’s since it has a tendency to cause muscle wasting, however in those who are being treated with Levodopa the perfect amount of protein has to be found because too small will allow a lot of the medicine to go to the brain while also much will stop the medication from working properly whatsoever.

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