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    Are You As Safe As You Think?

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    Last January our family was blessed with a new addition, a precious little girl, my third grandchild. If you are a grandparent, you understand that the delight and inexplicable feeling when that kid smiles at you and melts your heart. I can truly say there’s nothing I would not do for her or to shield her. That’s why I’ve been doing some research recently online about allergies. Both of her parents suffer with migraines and other painful symptoms brought on by allergies.


    I was disappointed to discover that she is 75% more likely to have allergic reactions because both of her parents suffer with them. I was also astounded at the quantity of information warning families to be conscious of mold allergies. From all over the world there were tales of illness and even death caused by exposure to mold. There are a couple of things I want to share with you here to help you be better informed about the possibility of dangerous mold in your dwelling. First and foremost is the fact that some mould can’t be seen.

    Although most people have observed visible mold where there was dampness, like under sinks or around bathroom fixtures, there are lots of diverse kinds of mold and some of them are invisible. Some exist in the atmosphere, and a few circulate through home ventilation systems. Next, if your household suffers from coughing, sneezing, runny noses or postnasal drip, dark circles under the eyes, red rimmed or swollen eyes with crusty eyelids, scratchy throats, or continuous rubbing of the nose by an infant, they are displaying symptoms of allergies to mold.

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    This could especially be true if the indicators are not seasonal and if they don’t go away after a couple of days. I was surprised to discover that molds respond to light, which mould often spreads its spores in the darkest time of night, possibly traveling though the heating or air conditioning system’s vents. The fantastic thing is that with the highly innovative testing available now, mold can be detected and eliminated wherever it hides or exists, even inside walls or in the atmosphere.


    Samples can be obtained and assessed that will inform you whether you have a mold problem, and mold restoration and remediation specialists can help you feel secure about the environment you discuss with the precious family members within your dwelling. Mold is nothing to be dismissed. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, or in case you’re able to observe signs of mold growth, a mold inspection can allow you to know for sure what you’re up against. The inspection itself is non intrusive, and quite inexpensive, and grabbing mould early could be among the greatest things you do to safeguard your dwelling.

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