InícioAlergiaPrecisa mesmo de um filtro de ar doméstico?

    Precisa mesmo de um filtro de ar doméstico?

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    Do You Need a Home Air Filter? A shocking truth: a US government agency reported that the air quality within your home can be two -5 times worse than the atmosphere found outside. Although most home owners might believe the contrary, the ambient air inside those four walls you call home can actually be quite vulnerable to accumulation of pollutants, dirt and even bacteria and viruses.

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    In years past the only way that home owners could decrease the amount of those airborne particles inside their houses was through routine house keeping. But still, this won’t ever guarantee you that all those hidden particles are efficiently removed and cleaned. So for those who do not need to take this danger, then the best thing which you could do is to obtain an air purification system for your houses.

    Air purification systems have started to get more and more popularity in the marketplace due to many independent studies that have demonstrated how it can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses in the ambient atmosphere in as quickly as an hour. Besides the typical physical filters that merely take advantage of a specific mesh size to filter dust particles from the atmosphere, there are now newer designs which offer more efficient filtering.

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    Among the latest technology is that the ionic air filter which makes use of negatively charged ions to attract not only the dust and the allergens but smaller virus and bacterial particles also. Air purification systems are a excellent solution for family members who might be prone to allergy attacks as it can effectively filter out any sort of suspended particles in the atmosphere. But even if you don’t have any issues with allergy attacks, keeping the air inside your houses dust-free and bacteria-free is equally as important.

    Aside form that, having this sort of equipment inside your house can be one effective way to get rid of undesirable odors – from cigarette smoke to pet litter odor. It absorbs all of the air, re-circulating cleaner and fresher atmosphere back to your area. An air purification system also lets you decrease the quantity of dirt and dirt that settles into your furniture and flooring. Everything that’s suspended in the atmosphere will be filtered and removed from the air, even before they have the opportunity to settle down into your furniture and flooring.

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    This air purification system is indeed among the best solutions to allergens and dust accumulations in your dwelling. The newer versions of this appliance are now made to be energy efficient so that you don’t need to endure high electricity bills simply to get fresh air inside your home. Aside from that, using such machines can contribute a lot to the Mother Earth – with lesser energy used and lesser carbon gasses released into the environment. Whether you’re vulnerable to such allergy attacks or not, getting a hold of this sort of machine is a certain way to guarantee you and your family’s health within your homes.


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