O que causa dores de cabeça e enxaquecas?

Migraine, a severe form of headache, can cause vision problems, nausea, and other symptoms such as sensitivity. The brain’s chemicals are affected by migraines. Migraines can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal, emotional, dietary and medicinal, as well as hormones. Migraines can be caused by certain medications. These medications can include sedatives, medication for menopause (HRT), which is ‘Hormone replacement therapy’, and birth control pills.

Common Causes

Poor body posture, travel, poor sleeping quality, and fatigue are all examples of physical activities. Migraine can also be caused by menopause. Migraine can also be caused by environmental conditions such as dazzling lights, smoke, pungent smells, and changes in weather. If the temperature is very low, or even high humidity, then watching too much television or using a computer could also cause it.

Also, places with poor ventilation and little fresh air can also trigger migraine. Migraine can also be affected by emotions. Migraine can be caused by too much stress, anxiety, tension, shock, anxiety, or excitement. Migraine can also be caused by diet. Migraine can be caused by foods like cheese, chocolate, and fruits that are citrus-based. Migraine can also be caused by diet, irregular eating habits, excessive caffeine and alcohol like tea or coffee, and dehydration. Migraine can also be caused by hormonal fluctuations.

Ataques de enxaqueca

Migraine attacks are more common in women than in men. Although there is no known cure for migraine, there are many treatments that can be used to ease the pain. Most of the treatments come in the form medicines. It is important to choose which one would be most effective for you.

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