Como tratar a anemia?

Today I want to talk about a few sickle-cell anemia therapy thoughts. There’s 1 thing you need at the moment and if you do not get it within maybe two or three minutes you will die, what am I referring to? Consider drowning, yea you require oxygen. Red blood cells carry oxygen to organs that need it and eliminate carbon dioxide. They’re shaped like circles, so that they could move easier.

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When somebody has sickle-cell anemia their red blood cells are shaped like sickles. Sickles are resources used in farming to cut down things and they’re shaped like a half-moon. When red bloods cells have this form they aren’t as flexible and can stick to things. This slows or stops the flow of oxygen and blood can not get to where it is needed. Let’s talk about treatment. With conventional treatment the goal is to raise red blood cells in the human body and secondly to diagnose and remove what’s causing the issue.

For example it might be brought on by an infection and antibiotics could be used to fight off that and that could help. Someone may be deficient in an important nutrient like iron and adjusting it could be as straightforward as a great multivitamin supplement. For serious cases there’s a bone marrow transplant. The issue is finding a person that will provide you a healthy bone marrow. Normally the disease marrow could be given chemotherapy to kill off the sickle-cells, but doctors have found a way to not use chemotherapy and that’s good.

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Still immune suppressant drugs still are needed and those do increase the probability of cancer, and difficulties since they weaken the immune system. Plus your body could reject it and that may be life threatening. Let’s discuss a few alternative treatments and one is something named Nicosan or Niprisan, which is a blend of a lot of herbs. In a study with 30 individuals with this disease which were given these herbs 73% had no sickle-cell crisis during the 1 year testing period and the remainder had fewer or less intense sickle-cell crisis.

Another idea something named Thyocyanate that you are able to get in a nutritional supplement. A study in Rockefeller University indicates that a half a gram of the substance can alleviate a sickle-cell crisis. This disease can result in pain, and pain medicine is often advised. One idea which some folks forget about is omega 3, which is terrific for pain reduction. Taking this supplement might help.

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