InícioSistema ImunitárioO que fazer contra o envenenamento tóxico?

    O que fazer contra o envenenamento tóxico?

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    My travel toxins probably started around the same time as yours. I wanted to discuss my relationship with toxins since I don’t think I am quite different from most other individuals. Although the details are most likely to be distinct, we drank in the same faucet, ate the same food and breathed the same air.

    Health issues

    You might have been luckier than me with your health, but you might also still not understand what it is that’s making you tired and sick. Our first exposure to toxins occurs before we’re born, and frequently before we’re conceived. It begins with the toxins that our parents were subjected to and their parents’ vulnerability and back through the household. Women are born with all their eggs for life made, so any exposure to toxins during their life before pregnancy will have an influence on the growing baby.

    In research studies, as many as two hundred unique toxins are identified in newborn infants, and a proportion of them are carcinogenic. For lots of us that develop in suburban and rural areas, pesticide, herbicide and insecticide exposure is simply part of life. In my youth, by the time I was about 6 months to two decades, the farmers in our region constantly sprayed their crops, which made me really ill.

    Tenha em mente

    The doctors assured my mom that nothing was wrong and kept sending me home. They hadn’t made the connection then between illness and toxins. My youth after this was a continuous battle with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and food intolerances. It wasn’t till I started researching toxins I discovered that these indicators are extremely normal for people that have a high toxic load. As they’re getting more and more widespread, and the connection between toxins and these diseases isn’t commonly understood, I wanted to let others know what I have found out.

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    I also had all of the prescribed vaccinations during my childhood and into my teen years. Now I am aware that these vaccinations contained and still contain mercury and aluminum, both heavy metals, amongst other horrors. Mine clearly was jeopardized, and I believe the vaccinations contributed to my health issues. My youth was one of several bed rests and continuous prescription drugs and antibiotics, again, which probably didn’t help my struggling immune system. I also have two auto- immune diseases, both inherited, which indicate to me that the immune system that passed to me was probably also fighting – my moms and grandmothers both suffer with immune system deficiencies.

    Ter em conta

    I don’t blame anybody, because I feel that everybody was doing the very best they could with the knowledge they needed to attempt to help me. It’s ironic that the injections and the antibiotics I was given to make me well might have actually contributed greatly to my ill health. The food we bought at the shop was treated with pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. Our home garden was organic, but like many others, we consumed our share of commercially produced food. Cleaning products in these days were comparable to cleaning products of today.

    There were chemicals used in those products which are extremely harmful to our long term health, but there was little understanding of the long term vulnerability threats. The compounds that are used today to provide us a germ free environment are more harmful because we’re told to place them everywhere. The irony is that if a child is exposed to germs and viruses, their immune system strengthens and they build a powerful immune system for themselves.

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    I was a smoker until about eight years ago when I kicked the habit once and for all. In the beginning I wasn’t aware that cigarettes contain horrific chemicals including arsenic, butane, ammonia, nicotine, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and dioxide and aluminum. It could be of interest to know that smoking can also be used as a cockroach killer and is a very effective insecticide. Even now when smokers understand the ingredients in tobacco and cigarettes they nevertheless continue to use the goods.

    However, knowing how damaging the smoke is, it is possible to steer clear of smokers in the event you want to decrease your own toxic burden. Sweet treats and sugary desserts were also my favorite food group. It didn’t cross my mind to think about all of the chemicals used in developing and producing sugar. Perhaps my addiction to the material would have made me justify consumption anyway.

    Factor nutritivo

    The end result of a continuous diet of sugar has been dental problems, most commonly in the shape of cavities. Cavities required metal fillings in these days, which are full of mercury. As we eat hot and warm foods the mercury leaks from the metal fillings and contaminates our own bodies. The expression”mad as a hatter” really evolved from mercury toxicity which affects the brain function. The symptoms include tremors and slurred speech in addition to other neurological impairments.

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    Tap water, which we drank only, was filled with fluoride. Although initially touted as a means to assist your dental health it’s been shown as a toxin. It’s a by-product of optimizing aluminum that’s reported to contain barium, beryllium, lead, mercury, copper, arsenic and cadmium. In the European countries where they refused to have fluoride in their water system, the overall health of the teeth is reported to be much better than people in the UK. For a few summers I had been a painter and would need to paint using gloss paints in closed, poorly ventilated quarters.


    The toxins trick your body and block the natural processes of healing and regeneration. By massaging your body it can start to work in the way it was designed to. I’m extremely enthusiastic about sharing my story about how radicals diminished my health and how this process can be slowed, and recovery can begin, irrespective of your current age and health conditions. I understand that if you give your body the best chance it will react and you’ll feel stronger, healthier and happier than you have for a very long while. Wherever you live today, you’re surrounded by toxins. It’s not possible to escape them. However, today if your preference is to educate yourself and make adjustments to your lifestyle and environment, you may lower your exposure to toxins and start to feel the benefits. Finally, we’ve got a choice, and there’s a better way.

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