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    Why should you Speak Your Mind?

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    Should You Speak Your Mind? Do you drastically speak up your mind? What’s your normal response when you get mad at someone or something? Do you eat much to eliminate it? Or simply say what is on your mind right now? We’ll most individuals do the first choice. They eat much as though they’re trying to focus their anger and anxiety on food and stop eating when they feel their anger tones down.

    Allow yourself to speak your mind

    But, do you believe this is significantly better than to allow yourself speak your mind and don’t have anything to worry after you’ve published your anger or your wounded ego? Well, here is another side of this coin wherein you might also decide to speak your mind. When you’re being confronted or faced with situations which gets you frustrated or being hurt, you might resort to exhibit anger in any way you’re being accustomed to reveal.

    You may sometimes hear people telling you bad words or nasty sentences but ultimately treat you nicely as if nothing bad happens daily. You could also find yourself occasionally telling the other man things you ought to not inform him as you understand how painful your words are, but you can not prevent yourself from doing this as you feel better to speak your mind.

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    Evaluate your psychological state on those situations. When do you feel good about yourself after getting angry at something? Is it if you speak your mind or eat your anger? You maybe suffering more after effects after eating your anger because you become more and more fat or still sense an incomplete release of tension from this former anger. But, you might think that’s far better than to speak your mind.

    Don’t overeat

    Well, you are maybe right but to speak your mind also involves a good deal of help not only to your emotions and mental hygiene abut also to your physical health also. When you speak your mind, you release your anger completely while trying to be respectful and logical in your own arguments. Most women often get in the event of overeating when faced with anger. This is somehow dangerous since they’re risking their health to cover up their feelings.

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    The trick here is that you need to keep everything in balance. There’s a ideal time speak your mind and there’s also the opportunity to escape anger but not with overeating. Think and experiment on various approaches and strategies that will work for your character to cope up with anger or frustration which won’t cost you to sacrifice your health. However, when you think you really should speak your mind on something occasionally, then you’re free to do it reasonably.


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