rădăcină albă de urzică tânără pentru fitoterapie. Urtica dioica

Remediile de casă pentru căderea părului funcționează?

For years, men have tried a variety of remedies to stop hair loss. This is becoming a more serious problem as our population ages. You can take some comfort in the fact men have been losing hair since the beginning of time. A recent find in an Ancient Egyptian tomb lists a hair loss remedy that was used on the tomb’s owner. This was found to be more than 5000 years old.


Medical research is now applying medical science to natural remedies for hair loss and balding. Good information is being gathered. One of the most fascinating discoveries is a natural-occurring plant from the South East Coast of the US.

The saw palmetto is a three-foot tall palm bush that locals have known about for centuries. The saw palmetto’s primary medicinal property is its ability to treat problems with the male urinary tract. This substance appears to bind with the receptors on hair follicles, and gradually ends their life. The follicle produces less keratin as it is attacked.

This is what makes the hair shaft. The shaft becomes thinner until it is unable to support itself, causing it to fall out and become weaker.


Saw palmetto is used to treat enlarged prostate, but men around the world are discovering that it also has hair-treatment properties. It is usually taken orally as an extract and can be purchased in most grocery stores, online, and in health food stores.

Stingy Nettle Root is another natural remedy that has shown promise. Stingy Nettle Root is a natural remedy that is being studied and seems promising. It seems to be the same as Saw Palmetto, a natural home remedy.