Care este legătura dintre alergii și o vedere mai bună?

Singer Vitamin C at the lyrics to her favorite 90’s pop tune said:”put a smile on your face and make the world a better place.” This catchy reggae pop tune discussed how a smile could change the world and make it a better place. Vitamin C made some valid points when she sang this song concerning how grinning could have a beneficial impact on your life and affect others in a positive manner.

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Additionally, not only is grinning an involuntary reaction to a humorous opinion, but according to investigators, it boosts your mood, immunity, health, longevity and happiness. Smiling reduces stress levels as it releases endorphins in the brain; the identical brain chemicals released from the body through physical exercise which are also referred to as the hormones of pleasure. Also, grinning triggers an automatic reaction from the person that you come into contact with inducing this person’s facial muscles to develop into a smile.

Smiling makes you more appealing, more approachable, comfy in awkward circumstances, and, has a beneficial impact on your body’s immune system. A study suggests grinning boosts the body’s immune system in hospitalized children visited by puppeteers and story tellers. These children recorded stronger immune systems and higher white blood cell counts compared to people who weren’t visited.


However, though this may sound very unbelievable and downright ridiculous, did you know that smiling regularly can really improve your eye- health? A range of factors may affect eye health in a positive manner: One is good nourishment and another is eye exercises that strengthen the muscles of the eyes. An additional point that’s often overlooked but is equally significant is comfort and the release of stress and tension in the eyes.

Smiling often provides this specific benefit. As an example, if you smile you really improve your peripheral vision. This is because your eye muscles are relaxed. This wholesome habit releases stress, strain and tension from the eyes. Smiling releases tension from the eye- brows, forehead, and facial muscles.

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Additionally, it has a positive influence on the visual system releasing tension in the eye muscles. This improves eyesight. On the flip side, if you make a serious face, you’re adding tension to your eye-brows by yanking them down. Also, you’re adding tension to your forehead, facial muscles and your eye muscles. Similarly, if you make an angry face your eyes wince and your eye muscles become strained as they’re pulled together thereby making your eyes stressed.

These two negative facial expressions restrict the area which you could see as your peripheral vision is diminished. Therefore, smiling unlike negative emotional facial expressions, improves eye health by relaxing the eye muscles. Smiling provides overall health benefits like improved mood, improved immunity and increased happiness.

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Another great reason to get in the habit of smiling more frequently is that the benefit it provides in improving vision. This makes it quite an incentive to create this healthy habit something that we can do much more frequently. According to singer Vitamin C, when you smile not only are you going to make the world a better place, but you’ll do something positive to improve your eye- health also.


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