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    AcasăÎngrijirea pieliiCe trebuie să știți despre utilizarea remediilor de casă pentru acnee?

    Ce trebuie să știți despre utilizarea remediilor de casă pentru acnee?

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    I have had bad experiences with acne. I used a gentle cleanser, a Benzoyl Peroxide based cream, and a light moisturizer to soothe my sensitive skin. I became very comfortable with my skin, and stopped using harsh chemicals on it. So began my experimentation with home remedies for acne. Unfortunately, I experienced the worst acne I have ever experienced after six months of experimentation.

    Starea pielii

    This was the first time that I realized how severe my skin conditions could become if they weren’t under control. The majority of the remedies I tried were ineffective. However, I did find some things that worked. Surprisingly, this actually made my skin worse. I was using a toner that I found online. It was a mixture of apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil. Although it was not the best, it was a good start.

    My time spent trying ineffective home remedies caused me to develop a lot of pimples on my face. This meant that I needed to heal a lot and the pimples took a while to disappear because I wasn’t using an effective treatment.

    Out of control

    My infection was out of control. Because I had severe acne, the toner was only mildly effective. I don’t think these treatments are suitable for such severe cases. I had seen on forums that every treatment should be followed by a purging period to ensure that all infections do not come to the surface.

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    What did I do? I waited, and for too long. I developed a very sensitive, always reddened skin. I lost all my confidence. My face was always in pain. It wasn’t until I stopped using the cleanser that I realized the vinegar was a major factor in my skin problems. It was hard for me to tell which reactions were due to my skin and which were due my daily skin care routine. After a few weeks, my skin became significantly more dry, less painful, and the redness subsided. My infection was still not under control. I had too many pimples.


    The worst thing about it all was that so many of them had gone and left me with scarring. This is the bottom line. It’s something we hear all the times to cover many aspects in our lives. What works for one person may not work for another. This is to be expected. Acne is a serious skin condition. The skin is an extremely delicate part of the body. You should consult a dermatologist if you have severe acne. Also, you should use treatment that is sensitive to problematic skin.

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