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    De ce să vă monitorizați greutatea?

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    A healthy body needs a minimum quantity of fat for the correct operation of its reproductive, hormonal and immune systems. Fat also acts as an insulator that keeps the body’s temperature stable, as a shock absorber for sensitive areas, and as a store of energy for future use. Fat is vitally important. But carrying too much fat around can harm your health.


    Being overweight is getting more body fat than is best for your health. Obesity is a medical condition where you have as much body fat which it has a negative effect on your health. But how can you quantify your adiposity (how fat you are)? There are lots of ways the quantity of fat can be quantified. Your weight is measured, with a bathroom scales (state), and in contrast to an estimated ideal weight.

    But this method only measures one factor and doesn’t take many things such as height, body type and relative muscle mass into consideration. However it’s the simplest and thus the most frequent method used. Additionally it is helpful in showing the trend in your weight over time (provided you maintain records). We’re usually at our heaviest in the day, so weigh yourself once you get up in the morning when you’ve been to the bathroom. Most national bathroom scales have a small wheel on the side for doing so and they are easy to use.

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    Your skin is pinched at several specific points of the body and the thickness of the skinfold is quantified using a callipers. This measures the depth of the fat below the skin, which can be used to compute the entire quantity of fat on your body. The measurement and analysis entails a high level of interpretation and practice. This means it is difficult to do correctly by yourself at home. The pinch test also has other limitations.

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    The callipers only gauge the fat below the skin in some specific locations, ie, subcutaneous fat, while the distribution of fat throughout the body varies significantly from person to person. And the method can’t measure fat deposits that aren’t directly beneath the skin.


    Your body mass index (BMI) is a measure of your weight taking your elevation into consideration. Your BMI does not really gauge the proportion of body fat you have. It’s just a simple number that shows you how fat or thin you are. Nevertheless, the BMI is used by the majority of medical professionals to ascertain whether your weight is too low, regular, or too large. Ethnic populations in the Far East develop health problems at lower BMIs than Caucasians and Africans because of their smaller skeletal size and lower muscularity.

    But research on this issue still must be confirmed by additional analysis. A drawback of BMI is that it doesn’t due to muscle mass, some rare genetic elements, the very young and a number of other variations. It’s possible for a individual with a BMI of less than 25 to have excess body fat, while others with a significantly higher BMI (for instance, fit athletes that have more muscle than the rest of us) don’t have excess body fat. BMI Prime is the proportion of your real BMI amount to the upper limit of’normal’ BMI, which is 25 if you’re an ethnic Caucasian, Negro or Semite. It’s a handy way to discover how much you’re over or under’normal’ weight.


    If your BMI Prime is between 0.74 (18.5/25) and 1.00 (25/25), your weight is normal. 0.64) you’re underweight and need to begin eating more. If you’re Asian, rather than dividing by 25 you split by 23 (the upper limit of’ordinary’ for individuals with a Far Eastern body ). Recent studies have revealed that location is important in assessing the risk fat poses to your health. For instance, medical scientists now believe that visceral fat, ie excessive fat around the middle and abdominal organs like the liver, also referred to as central obesity, is a higher risk to your health than fat elsewhere on your body.

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    The body volume indicator (BVI) is a computerised means of measuring your body for obesity and the threat it poses to your health. Unlike the BMI, it takes the form of your body into consideration. Devised in 2000, BVI utilizes 3D software to carry out a complete scan of the surface of the body. Most body scanners require a range of images from various angles, using varying lighting, in addition to patterns projected on your body, to make a three-dimensional outline of your outside surface. This intricate 3D image allows the quantity and composition of individual body parts (arms, legs, chest and so forth ) to be calculated.

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    Each component has its own 3D shape, size and weight. The program now knows where weight is dispersed throughout the body, eg chest, abdomen, pelvis and thighs. The information in your weight, shape and height is combined by the program with your age, sex and medical history. The results are then compared to the typical BVI for individuals of the same sex and age to reveal BVI.

    Also as your BVI, the program also computes you BMI, waist to hip ratio, waist circumference, and other pertinent data regarding your shape and weight. Used over time, it provides a precise guide to where you’re gaining or losing your weight and the associated implications for your health. This lets you make informed decisions in your own eating and exercise routines.

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