ДомойДомашнее средствоМожет ли травяной чай лечить кислотный рефлюкс?

    Может ли травяной чай лечить кислотный рефлюкс?

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    GERD, also known as acid reflux, can cause many problems. There are certain foods you shouldn’t eat and others you should. This can make it difficult to understand and many people don’t want medications to make all foods palatable.

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    There are many home remedies for acid reflux that you can try. Drinking herbal teas is one of these remedies. Some will help, while others might make things worse. It is important to know which teas to choose and which ones to avoid. There is one thing you should remember when choosing herbal teas.

    Caffeine can trigger acid reflux and should be avoided. This means that herbal teas you choose must not contain caffeine. Although you can buy decaffeinated coffee, it is best to avoid. Decaffeinated herbal Teas are the best choice if you want a warm and soothing drink. Some of these teas may even be able to relieve acid reflux symptoms.

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    Many people believe that ginger can soothe acid reflux symptoms. If you can find it in tea, a cup of it after a meal could help your stomach settle for the night. For a soothing and delicious blend, you can combine peppermint with aniseed or lavender. After boiling a few cups of water, add a teaspoon of your herb mix. Let the herbs sit for about ten minutes before draining. You can sweeten this tea with honey or artificial sweetener if you boil it.

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    Chicory Root can also make a great herb tea. Let the tea cool for a few minutes before boiling it again. If you like, you can add honey to the tea. You might also try Marshmallow tea. This is not the tea you might find in your marshmallow cupboard, but a root with the same name. This tea is known to soothe the stomach.

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    Chamomile is another popular tea. It is also known for helping to relieve acid reflux symptoms. These teas can be made at home, but they can also be purchased in specialty sections of grocery stores or natural food stores. These teas may help you feel better. However, you will not know until you try them. It is important to talk with your doctor before trying any of these teas. They can cause side effects and may also react with prescription drugs you might be taking for acid reflux or other reasons. This home remedy for acid reflux is usually safe, but it’s best to not risk your health.

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