ДомойИммунная системаМогут ли захватчики ослабить вашу иммунную систему?

    Могут ли захватчики ослабить вашу иммунную систему?

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    A cancer herbal treatment can help to fight off invaders. Your body is continually being invaded by foreign substances. These invaders come in many different forms: bacteria, viruses, viruses, free radicals, environmental pollutants, toxins, stress, saturated fat, antibiotics, and alcohol.

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    When your immune system is in optimum shape it reacts to invaders with a finely tuned mobilized immune mobile army. It keeps a permanent record of past struggles and stores them in memory cells. However, once the immune system goes awry because of stress, poor diet or some of the other aspects, the invaders can be devastating – even fatal. A weakened immune system may leave your body open to repeated infections, both small and big.

    Over time, these repeated assaults could lead to chronic diseases. The toll on the human anatomy of a dysfunctional immune system may result in serious disease, as an instance, the proliferation of cancer cells. A 2007 study found that HIV infection increases the risk of developing, at least, twenty unique varieties of cancer once the immune function is impaired.

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    An under-active immune system leads to disease and an over-active immune system may also lead to disease. If your body is exposed repeatedly to the same allergen, prescription medication, antibiotic, pollutant or other toxins, then abnormal immune reaction will happen. These include diseases like fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, allergies, psoriasis, chronic inflammation, and asthma.

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    An abnormal immune system could be strengthened by following a program like the cancer herbal remedy. This treatment promotes a balanced approach to wellness known as the four pillars of health. Building your immune system and bringing your body back to vibrant health isn’t as straightforward as consuming a few herbs and supplements. There are four pillars of health needed to support all aspects of health.


    The four pillars are diet, exercise, emotions, and nutritional supplements. When you’re dealing with a disease like cancer, or some other chronic disease, it’s very important to focus on all four pillars. Diet guidelines for an optimum balance of carbohydrates, protein, oils, vitamins, minerals and distinct phyto-nutrients consist of 6 – 10 servings of vegetables, 2 servings of fruit, 1 serving of complex carbohydrates, and 1 serving of protein per day. The exercise guideline would be to perform at least three 20-minute amounts of exercise per week which you like. The next pillar of health is psychological. Taking time for comfort daily; you can use affirmations, yoga, and meditation to begin de-stressing your life.

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