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    Что нужно знать о птичьем гриппе?

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    Experts are saying that Avian Flu or Bird Flu could become Pandemic at some time in the future, and it could affect the human race. The World Health Organization has recognized that there might be a problem. Governments are urged to upgrade all their strategies for counteracting any chance of this happening.

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    Estimates have been made that something like 50 million deaths could be expected if this flu grown into a breed that could be transmitted by humans. Pandemic Flu, means an outbreak of a flu strain that has reached different countries which don’t have any geographical connection. There’s NO Pandemic Flu right now but the police are concerned about an outbreak of a virus in South East Asia that has killed quite a few individuals.

    The flu has been seen for a while in birds, particularly Chickens, which has resulted in millions of birds being killed. The strain involved is H5N1 and has been found in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, only a few of individuals have died and it would seem that they most importantly, had contact with birds. The virus moves easily between birds, and at times it’s passed to people, but at this point it doesn’t appear to be able to move from Human to Human, but this isn’t to say that sometime in the long run the virus couldn’t mutate, so it can move easily.

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    The figures which are forecast are based usually on past Pandemic Viruses that have struck the Earth, so it really could be anybody’s guess. The people most at risk would normally of course be the feeble the elderly and the very young, but this sort of virus could be unpredictable, so it might affect healthy individuals just as much. Vaccines are currently being produced, but they can take months to develop and then of course they need to be made in millions to deal with any situation which may arise.

    There’s currently 1 drug being manufactured which is supposed to conquer the Avian Flu, but it’s in such short supply, that in some cities of the world it’s fetching over the street price of Heroin. There’s simply no need to fear, because this specific virus might never develop into being a problem for humanity, and many nations have contingency plans for a flu pandemic, because they do happen from time to time, thankfully not too often. In the previous century the 1900’s there were .

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    Почему стоит принимать Fyron Immune Forte?

    Постоянная усталость, повышенная восприимчивость к инфекциям и раны, которые долго...