HemHem RättsmedelFinns det hemliga botemedel från naturläkemedel?

    Finns det hemliga botemedel från naturläkemedel?

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    Personer som lider av tånagelsvamp och som har blivit skrämda från dyra läkemedelsbehandlingar och de potentiella biverkningarna är i gott sällskap. Omkring 35 miljoner människor är drabbade av tånagelsvamp (onychomykos). Infekterade naglar ser ofta gulaktiga ut och är ofta separerade från nagelbädden. Symtom De [...]


    They can also be cracked and crumbled. If you notice these symptoms in your nails, it is important to consult a doctor. Most doctors will recommend a drug-based therapy, which is not surprising. Don’t be surprised if your doctor fails to mention that you have other–non-drug–options as well. These are often referred to as “natural” treatments, because they use non-manufactured substances.

    Are natural remedies effective? Every year, thousands of people get rid of this resistant and difficult-to-cure disease. It is not an easy task. If you can stick to a simple daily routine, your chances of success are high, we have found.


    These home remedies are effective for all nail fungus patients. Rarely does any one natural remedy work for everyone. However, hundreds of people have posted their opinions on the Internet indicating that only a few natural remedies are effective. Although we have not been able to find independent studies that would verify this, it is possible that these natural solutions are as effective as expensive drugs.

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    People who have tried other natural treatments are still positive. There are many home remedies available for nail fungus. Plain ole vinegar seems to be the most reliable. This is the same ingredient that your grandma used for cleaning and cooking. Many sources have shown vinegar to be particularly effective in killing toenail fungal infection.


    Vinegar can be used immediately to kill fungus spores. It’s also very affordable. Unlike expensive drugs that can run into hundreds of dollars and are rarely covered by your insurance, you can get a year’s worth fungal-killing apple cider vinegar for as low as $5 at your local grocery shop. But that’s just one part of the story. You will also need to learn how to apply the treatment and what steps to take to prevent the fungus returning.

    Many people have tried vinegar to cure their problem only to find it ineffective. Some people report that their nails, which were previously healthy, became infected after they started the treatment. This is only possible if you use the wrong techniques. It is easy to avoid. Others have tried vinegar for a few days, or even weeks, and then stopped when they didn’t see any results. Experts say that such cases are too common. The vinegar treatment is supported by most experts. Some claim that the vinegar treatment should be used for 3 to 4 months to see results. Others report seeing improvement in just a few weeks. It is obvious that any treatment for toenail problems will take at most a year.


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