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    Should I Have Massages If I Have Rhinitis?

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    If you’re like me, you’ve suffered a bit with all the amazing seasons. Spring and Fall are particularly challenging for allergy/sinus sufferers, but this isn’t to say Summer and Winter are smooth sailing for us. I say “endured a bit”, as it truly is only a little if you’re otherwise healthy. My symptoms, depending on the season and where I am, are: difficulty breathing, itchy eyes and nose, cracked voice, sneezing, stuffy nose.

    What is happening?

    I left out the occasional wheezing I do, typically about smokers or their surroundings or pets. If I have to be in the presence of a smoker, I could literally feel my throat lock up in minutes, then comes the sneezing. If the smoker is also a pet owner who played with the dog or cat before coming to meet, my eyes will instantly turn red and my nose will begin to itch. Just imagine me on a date with a smoker! LOL I’ve tried it and always spent a vast majority of time with myself eating alone (as my date heads out every 15 minutes to smoke, etc.), and I went home with a headache and triggered respiratory troubles.

    Anyway, rhinitis or allergy is really my attention herein and whether massage is contraindicated during a flare up. Sinusitis is something different. Sinus is valuable to the pillow, spacing of the bones in the face and head, the sound of voice, and the lymphatic system, which cleans internally. Rhinitis or allergies is the immune system trying to rid the body of foreign matter in the kind of allergens/irritants. These come in various forms e.g. dust mites, pet dander, dust, microscopic bugs, odors, pollen, carpet fuzz, compounds, and such. Sneezing, coughing, or the desire to blow the nose are responses of the involuntary brain, your natural defense in the nerves that are stimulated. These have been aroused by the immune system, which has become sensitive to those foreign issues.

    Did you know?

    This system tells the body to sneeze to eliminate the dermis and in that 1 sign, mucous in the sinus glands/lymphatic system, hurry to assemble and bunch the offending particles which the body will force out from the sneeze. Sometimes one comes before another, i.e. the sneeze comes and then is followed by the mucous that ensures that nothing is left behind. This is why although I stated chamomile is a different matter, I’ve addressed it slightly, as it is all connected.

    Understanding this gives one great reason NOT to hold back a sneeze. You only get them when the body feels something overseas has entered your respiratory system (not talking about food allergies, those who snore for other nervous conditions, such as light, sun, when they laugh, etc.). I feel all sneezing is a “nervous condition”; the body’s way of flushing the undesirable. It’s your body’s boon to your health when it flushes these harmful and undesirable “bodies”.

    Since the sneeze compels thousands of things bad for your wellbeing from the body, it is sensible to protect yourself and those around you. This is so, particularly if this foreign thing has materialized as a virus. Cover your mouth with every cough or sneeze, AND when you blow your nose, cover that also. If you blow your nose in the air, the exact same thing that happens in the event that you sneeze without covering your mouth occurs, i.e. virus and evicted particles are passed to the atmosphere and taken in by others.

    Take into account

    This gives real meaning to “you make me sick” ! So, in case you receive a massage while under the effects of an allergy spell? What does your Massage Therapist believe? Well, if you’re sick, showing signs of a cold, flu, virus, etc., a massage is useful, but you may want to check if you are infectious before getting the massage in order to not undermine the health of your therapist and others. Please warn your therapist which they will have to get ready for you. Personally, I do a”sinus massage” in my personal practice, and this also involves a great deal of nerve wracking, facial massage and reflex of their hands, feet and ears.

    Essential Oils

    Peppermint or eucalyptus oils are amazing to deal with this ailment and I might have a crock going with steam to purify the atmosphere. Aromatherapy smells amazing and will help soothe the stations as I tackle your issues. It’s not on my menu yet, but I’ll do it for you at the expense of the human body scrub and it takes 45 minutes or so! Massage causes drainage in the body, and this will bring long-term relief and start the healing process.

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    Understandably, most therapists will advise against getting a massage as you’re managing rhinitis/allergy and sinus congestion. Nobody wants to intentionally expose themselves to a chilly, et al virus, i.e. unless they are knowledgeable about how to help you to get the drainage you want and get well, while protecting self. Personal care is needed before, during and after your session to make certain that transference was minimal to none. I think even with my allergy symptoms, my soul, body and mind are strong enough to offset these disorders, so I do not worry about it generally.

    Always communicate with the institution and especially with your therapist. Discuss your situation and let them decide whether they would like to treat you in/out (to protect workers, out at your location might be best), or wait. Don’t appear in the spa sniffling and sneezing and expect to not be turned off, even if you say it is just sinuses. We can tell there’s a temperature occasionally by looking at you and listening to the motion of air when you speak. The people you’ll be around, may not be powerful enough in their own “systems” not to catch your cold.


    It isn’t necessarily indicated when rhinitis, et al respiratory difficulties are busy. Much study says no, do not get massages, but I think it is a case by case thing. Keep in mind that a therapeutic massage supplies for movement of each kind within the human body, in addition to a reset/re-charge of those systems. Your immune system may need help to fight off whatever it is that you have contracted and a massage could be this help. However, it might also create a very strong response, which might seem to hinder your advancement.

    Massage treatment sets things on a bit of an”over drive” within the human body and if you’re already feeling”low” it may make you go”lower” since the systems fix the damages caused by the virus. This would be ideal time to amp up your vitamins, natural foods,”consume with purpose,” and sleep, in order to give your body time required to recover. As usual, the therapist should look after self, even more so, when they’ve treated or are going to take care of an ailing client. This is the identical suggestion or requirement if the customer has cancer, aids or any other debilitating concern.

    Therapists should always work with the customer’s doctor, the customer who has spoken truthfully about the physician’s recommendations; and keep their own bodies whether they’re taking good care of healthy or ill customers. If a care-giver does not take decent care of him or herself, then they’re not capable of providing the best care to risk and others increased transference between both contaminated and vulnerable Beings. It’s timely to share I sneeze, symptom of my rhinitis, when I’m over heated. It can also be my personal reaction to “energy”, and it is weird, but when the massage area is getting sexy my body tells me! At first glance, a massage area is quite cozy.

    Let’s understand it

    There’s the towel warmer or crock pot with warm water and hot stones, a heated blanket on the table you are lying , and a therapist, hopefully working hard relieving your tension and providing you professional love. You’re expelling energy and he or she’s expelling energy. You’re both breathing, all in this tiny, 8 x 10 room with air circulating minimally. You’re ideally naked under the sheet, but a lot of times your therapist is wearing black or any other “formal” colour.

    These contribute to the temperature within the room. I sneeze in response to “high energy” and this is attached to my being a”natural instinctive”, processing your air as you pass, and as I work. Today, I sneezed within minutes of entering the space and putting my dominant hand on the lower trunk of my very first client. My client was a smoker, among other things, and I did not need to ask. If I sneeze during session, it’s generally not because I’m catching a cold.

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    My allergy/rhinitis or my body is suggesting that I’m becoming overheated and/or want to protect self. There are occasions when I’ve had this involuntary reaction to a “very poisonous person”. Honestly, a power worker Massage Therapist can tell when some things are “up” with the customer on the table. Oftentimes, at first touch, the transference is so overwhelming the immune system causes this “warning” in response. My sneezing isn’t a bad thing even in this example, but is my body placing each party on notice (as this happens the other way too where the customer sneezes when touched with a poisonous therapist) that something has occurred that might endanger your body so proceed with care.

    Yes, a number of us people do come with a warning signal! Rhinitis sufferers that are health-conscious should take care to not take massages from individuals with unhealthy habits. For instance, I’ve had two massages from two unique smokers. In each case, I did not understand that they smoked until they started working on me. Imagine that for another 50 minutes, I was trapped on that table. It’s like being trapped in an ashtray or a smoke-filled room with nowhere to turn for fresh air.

    I sneezed, itched and scratched around and with each touch, my throat locked up and my lymph nodes became on full alert. I felt”it would appear impolite” to stop the service and run away (and these individuals were practicing their skills in course ), but this made me unable to unwind. No quantity of meditation could persuade me to zone out to this shore in my head when this “filthy” individual was touching my skin. I could not help imagining the claws, if the hair was otherwise clean or if things would fall from their heads onto my nude body.

    Let’s see

    I felt I could not breathe because every whiff of air had stench of smoke, tobacco and ganja. It was torture! I’ve pledged never to have another smoker give me a massage and it made me aware of how my body affects my customer. This is a really important understanding in the body work industry. Just imagine that you’re already at risk due to your respiratory problems, and the dominant/controlled energy in the area to make you feel better is really exasperating your health.

    The “controlled energy” from the area with the dominant presence is that the therapist administering treatment, not the vulnerable customer on the table. When I left that area, each lymph node under my neck, ears, and thighs were in full attack mode and I lost my voice for 24 hours. Throughout one of those sessions, the therapist was sweating profusely as the area was hot and it was summertime and there were a few drops of perspiration on my bare neck and back once I turned over.

    Therapists must understand that this is the sort of preventable thing that an”unhealthy person” subjects their customers to. Keep in mind that although this works the other way too in the event of the customer being the”offender”, they aren’t in charge of the flow of the massage when they’re in session. The therapist is the dominant presence in the area for the most part so the transference isn’t the exact same level. In the event of a customer being “toxic”, I will effectively breathe throughout the session and immediately afterwards take some nutritional supplements and perform some fair self-care before attending to another client. Not the identical scenario once the tables are turned.

    Take note

    However, if you’re a smoker, then please take your repair before your shower to go in for your massage (yes shower ahead!) . You can always reach for your “smokes” as soon as you leave the spa. If you have to come in as soon as you’ve smoked, we will not turn you away, simply freshen up in the bathroom before getting on the table. It may be a great idea also to ask a therapist who smokes as well. On this note, it’s o.k., and quite highly recommended, that if you’re as sensitive as me with your respiratory difficulties and your own body, that you ask a non-smoking therapist every time you visit the spa.

    Another thing that occurs with sinus/allergy sufferers is the nose becomes blocked after they go prone (face down) on the table. There are numerous reasons for this including movement of lymph, your face is directly facing carpeting/mats containing compounds, dust, dust mites, et al allergens, there is mold in the room, particularly if the heating or air conditioning system is operating, or perhaps you’re catching a cold and the massage has triggered your own body to fight. Remember, the mucous is sent by the immune system to assemble and flush out what is got trapped in there.

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    Your therapist ought to be aware of this and should have a box of tissues in the room. I typically provide before you ask, but if I do not please inquire. If there are not any, it is o.k.. It goes right into the laundry afterwards, I promise. Actually, I feel this is a better way to contain germs rather than irritate the nose farther, i.e. blowing into a soft towel that gets washed in warm water. Sometimes, the customer does not have some cold/rhinitis symptoms, but after the therapist begins to operate, they notice the stations become cleared and drainage starts (drainage in back of their throat forcing you to consume and/or followed by nasal/eye drainage and sometimes drool). Usually, this is because some congestion at the digestive/stomach station was triggered.


    Feel gratitude for your therapist and the comprehensive work that your body is currently responding to. Just drink more water afterwards to assist the systems flush and do what they do, and with no breakage effect that occurs in the event you do not drink up. So, don’t get embarrassed about your drainage. Don’t hold the sneeze back. I left”the face” in the”consuming” bit due to my belief that my body is rejecting it for a reason so discrete spitting is fine! Eliminate the plants, live or artificial, from the house.

    They’re fine on the porch or in the kitchen or someplace where they’ll be healthy and so will you. Dust frequently, such as the plants if you decide to get them, and keep the pets clean and their hair trimmed if you chose to have them also. Remember that transference takes place in the atmosphere and through the hands and the skin is a fantastic conduit for all; i.e. the therapist’s yours and skin. Reschedule and address it if you have to request another therapist if that is an option! Universal love, light and blessings with your health and especially your respiratory health in allergy season and always! Pay attention to the signs your body gives you naturally and do everything you can to assist the systems carry out their job of keeping you healthy. This is what it means to be health-conscious.

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