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    Naj poskusim domače zdravilo za akne?

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    Learn how to remove acne at home without using medication. I know. You woke up this morning with an itchy nose. This is not good. I have to go outside. You might say, “I don’t like this.” I have a pimple! I have a pimple! Your diet and the foods you eat will be your first home remedy for acne. Start a journal and record everything you eat. You will be able to pinpoint the cause of your pimples by keeping a journal. As you begin your home remedy for acne, be mindful of what you eat and how you treat your skin.

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    You should monitor your skin and body for any allergic reactions. If you do, stop using the home remedy immediately. One thing I can share about myself is that I was writing down everything I ate when I started a journal. I can tell you what product gave me pimples the next day. It was margarine I had put on toast and used to cook food I had already eaten.

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    Now I know where the two pimples came. I waited for a week before I tried again. And guess what? It happened again. I got one pimple the next day. I was able to eliminate margarine completely from my diet. My journal also revealed that I had been eating other foods that caused my acne. It is a good idea to start a journal. It is very helpful.

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    Many articles have said that food and what you eat does not affect acne. Other articles have also suggested that food can affect acne. It has been proven that it does. You would need to test your diet to see if it is causing you acne. Your body is unique. Your pinpoints will differ from mine and someone else’s. Start your test by using the journal.

    Drinking plenty of water daily is a great complement to any home remedy for your acne. This will help you avoid some of your acne problems. Regular exercise is a must. Exercise will increase oxygen flow to your cells, which will help you to improve your skin.

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