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Existujú rôzne spôsoby liečby infekcie prínosových dutín u detí?

Sinus infection occurs when the sinuses become inflamed. This happens because of an increase in bacterial growth in sinuses. The bacterial infection causes more mucus to build up, eventually blocking the nasal passages. Sinus infections are more common in adults than in children, though it can happen. Sinus infections can be triggered by a common cold or allergy.

Sinus Infection

A sinus infection can cause headaches, difficulty breathing, or pain around the eyes in children. Parents find it difficult to see their child suffering from any illness and will do anything to help them.

  • Antibiotics – Sinus infections are often bacterial and antibiotics prescribed by a physician are often the first option for treatment. The antibiotic treatment can last for up to a week in order to eliminate the infection. Some children may be allergic to certain antibiotics. Parents should remind their child’s doctor that they cannot give them antibiotics unless it is prescribed by their doctor.
  • Decongestants – This is the most popular form of sinus treatment. Decongestants can be sold as nasal sprays or drops and are known to reduce inflammation. These are great for quick relief of congestion and stuffy nose. Decongestants should be used only for a brief time to avoid further complications.
  • Drinking more hot drinks – Hot beverages such as soup and tea can help dissolve the mucus that is causing the congestion. A simple and effective way to treat your sinuses is to make sure your child drinks hot tea at least 3-4 times per day. Hot soup with ingredients like ginger, horseradish or hot pepper is good for the sinuses.
  • Garlic – Natural antibiotic, garlic can also be used to treat sinusitis. Consuming 1-2 fresh cloves is the best way of reaping its full benefits. This might be difficult for children. Garlic tablets or garlic soups are a great way to get garlic into a child’s body.
  • Ginger – Raw ginger can also be used to treat sinusitis. Make ginger juice by grating ginger and pressing it into cheese cloth. To clear the sinus infection and clear the air passages, mix the ginger juice with a glass water. Apply a few drops to the child’s nostrils twice daily.
  • Steam therapy – This old-fashioned, but effective treatment for sinusitis is still available. Inhale the steam for 10-15 seconds by combining a few drops with some essential oils in a bowl of warm water. This will reduce congestion and make breathing easier.


There are many treatment options available to parents, but it is important to consider the comfort and tolerance of their child before beginning any sinus treatment. The family doctor should only prescribe antibiotics or other medications.