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    Numerous Biblical citations concerning the significance of the significance of dreams could not convince the world that God speaks through dreams. The barbarous civilizations that dominated the planet created the absurd modern culture, which is atheistic and materialistic, and functions based on violence, immorality, indifference, and greed.

    About Civilization

    The present civilization instills faith, philosophy, art, and metaphysical phenomena, proclaiming that we do not require a creator. Everything can be explained. There’s nothing else besides the material fact. Everything else is false. If something isn’t material and it can’t be scientifically proved depending on the principles of the scientific community of the historic time, it’s pure illusion.

    We can’t believe in anything that will not be realistically established according to our scientific principles. However, our historic time is distinguished by corruptions, hypocrisy, and lies. There’s a fierce competition in all areas, including the scientific discipline. Therefore, the principles of the scientific community of the historic time aren’t only dependent on the knowledge accumulated by humanity through time, and on a true intention to discover the truth. These principles are based on private interests. As a matter of fact, nobody cares about discovering the facts in our world. Everyone essentially cares about their own position. Thus, the criteria used by our scientists so as to verify if a specific discovery has to be approved and recognized as legitimate by the planet are narrow-minded and absurd.


    These rules aren’t based on a sincere intention to discover the facts. They have a number of other intentions. These rules are limitations which prevent the world from thinking in truths which are contrary to the interests of all the world leaders. On the other hand, many scientific discoveries in many diverse fields have shown that we require a creator, for a number of reasons. Nothing could merely have appeared by chance on our young planet in just four billion years and a half. This is similar to believing that we are able to construct a building in only a couple seconds.

    The first scientific explanations found by our scientists are inadequate, besides being based on incorrect concepts. They seemed to explain everything, but they were wrong. New scientific discoveries revealed us that our older scientific discoveries were based on false beliefs and we’re far from the reality. We have to begin from the start, and look at our issues from various angles. Today’s scientific discoveries are as crude as the discoveries of the Middle Ages.

    After ongoing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown area of the human psyche through dream interpretation I could discover the camouflage of this hypocritical world and see the whole truth about the human character. I might also discover the significance of the human life. This occurred because I obeyed the divine guidance in dreams. Dream interpretation appears to be a subjective practice, which is based on the instinct of this dream interpreter. Nobody thinks that we can objectively interpret the meaning of dreams.

      Ako sa rýchlo zbaviť akné?

    However, this is a false belief caused by several distortions of the ignorant and hypocritical world. My work demonstrates to the world that just Carl Jung could discover the actual meaning of dreams. Jung demonstrated that our dreams are made by the subconscious mind. While all other procedures of dream interpretation (scientific or not) are based on suppositions, his technique is based on authentic research, without secondary aims. Fortunately, a few scientists in our world could escape the worldwide tendency to distort the facts. However, they are among a lot of impostors.


    The impostors are so many that we have a tendency to feel that there are no exceptions to this rule. Carl Jung was able to discover the symbolic significance of the dream pictures after searching for the meaning of important images for a variety of civilizations. These vital images appeared not just in dreams, in addition to in artistic, spiritual, and philosophical signs. Jung was a real genius not correctly recognized by the shallow and senseless population of the crazy world. He could understand the psychology of the subconscious mind and cure mental disorders based on the subconscious guidance.

    My job finishes his work, giving to the world the assurance that Jung could not give us from the start because he was a pioneer. Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is too complex, vague, and incomplete. I needed to explain everything, so that ordinary people could easily find out his method and find answers to their problems. His brilliant discoveries could get lost in the chaos of this absurd world rather than saving humanity from suffering.

    Jung was afraid to completely trust the subconscious mind, although he believed that the unconscious mind a fantastic counselor for the human being. I proved to the world which we can absolutely trust the subconscious mind as it works based on wisdom and sanctity. The subconscious mind is God’s mind. God works just like a natural physician because we are in need of psychotherapy. All dreams have the simple purpose to safeguard our delicate mental stability. You’ll find God by imitating the meaning of your dreams in line with the scientific method of dream interpretation.

    Vezmite na vedomie

    This is a scientific discovery proved based on the scientific principles of our historic moment. However, this wasn’t enough. Only because Carl Jung and I could scientifically prove that we may understand God’s words once we interpret the meaning of dreams based on the scientific approach to dream interpretation, this does not mean that the world paid attention to the truth. Numerous very important scientific discoveries do not alter anything in our world because nobody cares about understanding their worth. Therefore, if a scientific discovery is really going to make a difference of not, is dependent on numerous factors. You may just verify by yourself the divine subconscious mind which produces your fantasies is wise and saintly by translating the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, according to my clarifications and simplifications.

      Ako pomôcť druhým pri depresii?

    You’ll have a direct conversation with God through fantasy messages. You will certainly check the sanctity of the subconscious mind as you’ll understand that you’re a terrible sinner. Perhaps you already know that you’re a sinner, but you do not believe this is something which ought to be considered so’terrible’. Your view about yourself isn’t based on actual knowledge. You tend to forgive your mistakes, and focus your attention on your own qualities. You ignore the content of this wild side of your conscience, and you dismiss how deficient your conscience is, because it works based on just one psychological function. You’re not as smart as you might imagine. You also adhere to the irresponsible mindset of the indifferent world. You believe that you’re basically a good person, besides using a few flaws. You do not believe you need to care about your errors.

    Majte na pamäti

    However, God pays attention to your mistakes because He knows just how absurd you are, and He works just like a physician. The way God characterizes you’re based on the full truth as it is, and the reality is that you are a terrible sinner, even in the event that you believe that you’re a fantastic person. If you can’t understand how terrible your sins and mistakes are, this is because you’re indifferent to what’s bad. Nobody is ideal because nobody tries to be perfect. Nobody cares about attaining perfection. However, God demands perfection from you, the exact same way He demands perfection from everyone else. God wants to see you having the behaviour of a saint. Is that a surprise for you? Perhaps it is, because even the members of this church think with apathy that’God forgives our sins because He knows that we’re imperfect’.

    God is revolted with people who supposedly represent Him on Earth since they’ve distorted His lessons. God does not forgive terrible sinners without seeing they have regretted and changed their mindset. God can’t shut His eyes sins because He has to protect us from craziness and dread. We’re under-developed primates. The biggest aspect of our mind belongs to our wild conscience, which has satanic characteristics. We live just because we must change our wild nature into human character. Our world was specially created by God so as to work like psychotherapy.

    All religions of the world were created by the same God so as to work like psychotherapy. Our dreams also work like psychotherapy. We need all of the help we could have in order to stop being violent, and find the power of goodness and wisdom. You’ll verify the celestial subconscious mind always criticizes your behaviour, showing you all of your mistakes on your dreams. You need to admit that you’re making mistakes, rather than giving excuses or showing anger.

      Vedeli ste toto o migréne?


    You must recognize your errors, so you might stop making them. If you do not understand that you’re doing things that work against you, you will continue making the same mistakes forever. You have to understand how to do just what is favorable for you and your community if you would like to find peace and sound mental health. Initially you are going to dislike being criticized by the subconscious mind. You’ll learn that you make a lot of errors. This happens because you’re not using the biggest aspect of your mind, which belongs to a crazy conscience. You must develop your intellect and your sensitivity through consciousness. When you’ll begin seeing the positive results of this celestial psychotherapy in your behaviour and life, you will surely be grateful for the advice you had.


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