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    Toto sú najlepšie prírodné zložky v pleťových krémoch?

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    There have been many new ingredients in skin care over the years that sound amazing and make fantastic claims. Some claim to make wrinkles disappear in a day, while others claim to be able to bounce 25% off your skin. Others have ingredients so obscure that it’s hard for you even know what they are.

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    While ingredients may change over time, the quality of natural skin care ingredients has remained constant. While some may be trendy, most of these ingredients have been around for centuries and still work in natural skin care. Don’t be fooled with fancy names. Many are just made up to make it sound appealing for the 20 million dollar marketing campaign that giant conglomerates will spend on.

    Here is a list with eight of the best natural ingredients that you should look for in your skin care products. Olive oil is the first ingredient. This incredible wonder of nature comes out of the oldest of lands. In fact, it is mentioned in the bible. It was also used by the Romans and Greeks in many of their skin-care regimens.

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    It is amazing how much modern science has learned about this ancient ingredient. When applied directly to the skin after UV exposure, olive oil contains polyphenols. These are known as strong antioxidants. They are believed to reduce the incidence of skin cancers. Vitamin A in olive oil is known to reduce wrinkles, age spots and other skin-damaging effects. Shea butter is the second natural ingredient.

    Shea butter, which is found mostly on the African savannah, is a natural fat extracted from the nut karate tree. Shea butter is a natural carrier of Vitamin A & E. Many studies have shown that shea butter can fight wrinkles. Vitamin E is good for the skin because it improves micro circulation, which results in better blood supply to skin. This helps the skin recover from sunburns and free radical damage.

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    Cupuacu butter

    It is a fruit butter that you may not have heard of but should. This fruit’s seed is grown in Brazil’s rainforest and contains the most amazing butter. It is also known to be a plant alternative to Lanoline. Cupuacu butter has been shown to be very beneficial for dry and damaged skin. Cupuacu butter has properties that promote skin hydration, which means it can give skin a greater ability to absorb and retain water.

    The high levels of phytosterols in cupuacu butter make the skin more elastic and can reduce the appearance and growth of wrinkles. It has also been shown to be effective in treating eczema, dermatitis, and other skin conditions. Squalene is the fourth natural ingredient. Squalene, which is derived from olive oil is chemically similar the skins Sebum. This is the skin’s normal lubricant. It helps to moisturize the skin’s surface and keeps it soft. When a person is younger, their sebum is full of squalene.

    However, as we age, we lose the ability to produce enough to maintain soft and supple skin. Squalene is a natural component of skin lubrication. Tests have shown that it can provide hydration as well as reduce the appearance fine lines and wrinkles. Squalene is easily absorbed by the skin, making it a natural, non-greasy skin care product that improves skin’s youthful appearance. Honey is the fifth ingredient.


    Honey is also one those ancient skin care secrets that science has just begun to re-discover. Honey is rich in vitamins, amino acids, which nourish the skin. It also contains powerful antioxidants that allow the skin to fight free radicals. This helps reverse the aging process, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Honey is also known to be antibacterial and antifungal. A University of Wales study found that honey has an antibacterial effect, which reduces or eliminates the incidence of skin infections.

      Čo je apiterapia?

    Modern science and ancient wisdom agree honey is one of nature’s most effective skin care ingredients. Another amazing bee ingredient is propolis. It is a resinous mixture honey bees gather from tree buds, sap flows or other botanical sources. The bees use it to seal their hives, much like we use caulk for our houses.


    Unlike caulk contains flavonoids, which make it an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and proven antioxidant. Propolis and other skin care ingredients that contain vitamin C, E and beta-carotene are known for their ability stimulate skin healing, especially when used for anti-redness or other skin irritations. Silk protein is the seventh great natural skin care ingredient. Silk protein is made by the dissolution of the silk cocoon to make cosmetic preparations.

    Silk protein is used as a natural moisturizer and skin elasticizer in skin preparations. It may also help to reduce the appearance of age spots caused by melanin. A Japanese study found that some types of silk protein can even suppress skin cancers caused by UV and chemical radiation. Silk is not just something you should wear. You can use it on your skin. Beeswax is the last product to mention. Some people believe that beeswax blocks pores when it is used in skin cream formulations.

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    Beeswax is not considered to be a skin irritant or blocker. It is one of the few waxes that allows your skin to breathe while keeping it hydrated. Beeswax, one of nature’s most beautiful ingredients, is a wonderful skin softener and moisturizer. It has natural antiseptic qualities. The mayo clinic recommends that lip balms made with beeswax are preferred to those made from petroleum-based ingredients. Beeswax, a multi-purpose ingredient for skin, is effective in softening your skin. It also locks in moisture and allows your skin to breathe. It is a key ingredient in all skin creams.

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