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    Čo s chrípkovou hystériou?

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    In this flu season, America is faced with a problem: we’re some fifty million flu shots brief. Public health officials say the vaccine should be reserved especially for infants six months to 2 years old and adults over 65. They should also be earmarked for women that are pregnant in their second or third trimester, medical care workers who care for high-risk classes, patients suffering with debilitating health problems like heart and lung disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and asthma.

    The facts

    It’s the opportunity to sit down with our families and face some hard facts. I live in a house with my wife who’s in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy, my 8 year old son and my 68 year old dad who we’ve been caring for for almost two decades. Unfortunately, my Dad was suffering from lung cancer. When we heard about the possible shortage quite a few months ago, my wife and I had a conversation about it and we decided that she and my dad had the vaccine the most.

    My son and I visited with our family doctor and she suggested a few things we can do to prepare our bodies from the influenza season. Instead of her guidance, our entire family has gotten even more strict about cleanliness and discouraging the spread of germs. We wash our hands frequently and maintain hand sanitizers on around with the understanding it is not a replacement for the actual thing.

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    Think of all of the things we touch in the course of a day that we don’t know, everything from touching odd door knobs into using public computers. Rather than sneezing into our hands, we sneeze into a tissue or in the crooks of our arms. We’ve got all enhanced our diets by incorporating more fruits and vegetables and taking antioxidant supplements. We also have added healthy foods to our typical diets such as wheat germ and yogurt to support our immune systems’.

    We eat better balanced foods, which furnish us with healthy amounts of protein and bigger helpings of fruits and vegetables or whole grains. We also have cut back on sugar in our drinks and our food. These kinds of foods help deliver a few of those elements essential for the body to construct a strong immune system, hopefully improving our ability to fight the flu. We exercise more, try to keep the stress level in our home lower and are certain to get enough sleep.

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    I feel very confident about our ability to ward off the flu this year and if one of us happens to grab it, then hopefully it won’t hang around for a long time. We again visited our physician in order to make sure we were in great form. My blood pressure has gone down and our general family health is terrific. Our physician thanked our family for making a decision for the benefit of society by deciding to take better care of ourselves, especially since my son and I’m a part of the high risk group for living with a pregnant girl and an older man.

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