mladý muž drží okuliare s dioptrickými šošovkami a pretiera si oči od únavy, únava zraku a očí, syndróm počítačového videnia, problém krátkozrakosti, korekcia zraku

Čo sú optické migrény?

Optical Migraine is among the rare types of migraine. Additionally it is defined as ocular migraine, statistics reveal that more females have problems with this form of the condition and it is sometimes suffering from the menstrual period. Optical migraine seldom occurs with a headaches but many think that it is more severe than the more common forms of migraine since episodes affect a larger area of the brain.


Its specific cause continues to be not known however, many experts contend that several muscle groups are participating when it happens. Whenever a person includes a classic migraine strike, he mostly undergoes three different levels: the aura stage, the headaches stage and the backdrop stage.

During the first phase, the sufferer experiences visible disturbances such as for example blurred vision, flashing lighting and blind areas in his field of eyesight. This stage generally lasts for one hour. An optical migraine strike only involves this first phase and will not proceed to another one. Thus, episodes usually do not normally have a headache.


Apart from the visual disturbance, various other symptoms that might arise contain tingling sensations, dilemma, numbness, slurred speech and perhaps, a headache that starts using one side of the mind. Just like the other types of the condition, optical migraine begins with a result in. Triggers include alcohol, stress, hormone changes, contraceptives, hunger, food items (cheese, chocolate, MSG, prepared meats, burgandy or merlot wine), strong sunlight or an excessive amount of exercise.

There are common treatments to optical migraine that patients can have. The more typical of the conventional kind will be the medications, more subdivided into severe and preventive. Acute medications halt symptoms that include an attack. The band of preventive drugs comprises beta-blockers, preventive treatments that not include medications could be implemented to lessen the incidence of episodes, such as nutritious diet and workout; and staying away from triggers.

Herbal treatment

Some migraineurs choose to be treated with choice therapies that not include drugs but make use of herbal remedies rather. Feverfew and butterbur are usually two of the most typical herbs which have been found to end up being good for migraineurs. Other therapies which are used are usually acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and homeopath medications. There is absolutely no single treatment that functions for all optical migraine patients. An effective therapy requires collaboration between your physician and the patient and will take some time to reach at, after several learning from your errors methods.