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    DomovBolesťAké potraviny môžu spôsobiť záchvaty migrény?

    Aké potraviny môžu spôsobiť záchvaty migrény?

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    Migraine headaches are not something that happens randomly to a poor person. There are likely physical reasons for migraine headaches. There are steps you can take to avoid recurring headaches. Your migraine attack may be triggered by something you eat. It is important to know what foods can trigger migraine headaches. Before I get into the details about migraine headaches and the types of foods that can trigger them, it is important to remember that migraine attacks are not caused by food alone.


    Stress, hormones, emotional factors, and some medications are all contributing factors to migraine attacks. Some foods can trigger migraines in some people, but not others. Let’s now take a look at some of the most common foods that can trigger migraine attacks. Although the list may seem long and depressing, most of these items are made from highly processed and industrial food products. It is easy to identify, test and eliminate these foods from your diet. It’s important to pay attention when you shop, prepare food, and sit down to eat.

    Hold on to the Cheese! If you love cheese and are susceptible to migraines, you need to be careful about what cheese you eat. Tyramine is a substance that forms from the breakdown of protein in aged cheeses. The higher the tyramine level, the longer the cheese ages.

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    Tyramine levels are not limited to cheese. Other foods high in Tyramine include pickles, onions and olives, processed meats, pickles and onions, certain beans, raisins, nuts, canned soups and red wine. Doctors admit that it can be difficult for some people to avoid all these foods. Nestor Galvez-Jimenez MD, a neurologist at The Cleveland Clinic in Florida, said that some of his tyramine sensitive patients have difficulty avoiding foods on the “stop list,” particularly wine. He advises patients to discuss the idea with their doctors before they try it. It is important to carefully read labels when you purchase processed foods. Many food additives such as food colorings, nitrites, and artificial sweeteners can also trigger headaches.

    Although doctors aren’t sure exactly why these additives can trigger migraines, they do suggest that they increase blood flow to the brain and cause changes in the blood vessels. Like other migraines that are triggered by food substances and feel on one side of your head, headaches caused by additives or other substances can be felt on both sides of your head. Additives-triggered migraines are usually felt on both sides of the head within a short time after the addition was taken. They disappear when the additive has been removed or within a certain time thereafter.

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    MSG is not just found in Chinese food, but it is also used as a flavor enhancer for many snacks and other processed foods. It is important to carefully read labels when you shop for household groceries or grabbing a quick snack. As I said, migraine attacks can be caused by a variety of factors. The foods that trigger them vary from person-to-person. If you suffer from migraine headaches frequently, it is a good idea to consult your doctor and to try to eliminate any foods that could be triggering your discomfort.


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