Indisk ayurvedisk Triphala churan eller trifalapulver är ett gammalt läkemedel mot problem med tarmrörelser och matsmältningsbesvär. Selektivt fokus

Hur undviker man håravfall?

There is no cure for baldness. However, there are natural ways to stop hair loss or slow down the process. Avoid using products that are chemically-based often. These products can be used, but not every day. Keep your mane clean each day. Regularly take a shower and use a gentle cleanser to shampoo your hair.

Other tips

  • To prevent split ends, trim regularly
  • Shampoo can be used, but not too often. Shampoo chemicals can dull your natural shine.
  • Consume a balanced diet, and avoid foods high in cholesterol.
  • This home remedy uses coconut oil and amla leaves. Boil the coconut oil and amla leaves. Let it cool. It should be applied to your scalp on a regular basis.
  • Mix together a bowl of lemon juice with a portion of banyan root. After you have washed your hair with the mixture, apply coconut oil to your hair. This will prevent your hair from slipping out.
  • You can also combine coconut oil with camphor and massage it into your hair. Use your fingertips to gently massage your hair. This will remove any dandruff which can lead to hair loss.
  • A mixture of coconut oil, lemon juice and honey is another way to get rid dandruff. This will eliminate dandruff by regularly applying it to your hair.
  • Castor oil can also be used to massage your scalp and strengthen the hair follicles.
  • Triphala powder is a great way to wash oily hair. Triphala powder is a combination of Haritaki, Amlaki and Bibhitaki. It is a common Ayurvedic remedy.
  • Olive oil can be used to condition dry hair. This oil is good for hair growth as well as hair nourishment. You can also use a mixture of honey and oil to prevent hair loss. After washing it, rinse it with cold water.
  • Hair growth can be achieved by applying aloe vera gel and triphala powder.


There are many hair loss natural remedies that are affordable, effective, and easy to do at home. These will all help with hair problems.