HemKropp och själHur förbereder jag mitt sinne för fitness?

    Hur förbereder jag mitt sinne för fitness?

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    It’s one thing to set fitness goals, but it’s quite another to follow through and achieve your goals. Preparing your mind is the most important thing to follow through and achieve your goals. You may have a game plan, but are you ready to put it into practice? Are you prepared for the unexpected? Are you ready for those setbacks? Are you ready for those days when it’s not easy to do anything? Are you really ready? Or should I say, are you mentally prepared for those days when you don’t feel like doing anything? It is essential that you prepare your mind for your journey to reach your fitness goals. This means that you need to prepare your mind for your goals and the time it will take to reach them.

    Positivt tänkande

    Positive thinking is one way to prepare your mind. You must believe that you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself. If you think you can’t lose weight, then you won’t be able to achieve it. Be strong and positive, knowing that no matter what happens, you can and will reach your goals. Positive thinking will help you achieve your goals and will also give you the motivation to continue working out on the days that you have set aside. It will give you the motivation and energy you need to eat healthy, sensible meals and resist eating a bag of chips or cookies.

    Positive thinking will give you the motivation and energy to overcome any setbacks or challenges. They will come, but be prepared to stop them. Don’t let setbacks and challenges get in your way. Don’t lose sight of your goals. Positive thinking can help you be open-minded to new ways to reach your goals. Try new exercises and different recipes. To increase your knowledge and to open the doors to new activities, you can read magazines and books on fitness. A vision of your goals is another way to prepare your mind. This will stimulate your mind and keep it motivated, regardless of whether you post a picture or a clear vision in your head. It should be visible every day, such as on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or at work station. It can be a part of your daily routine to keep you motivated.

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    A favorite affirmation you can use every day may also be included. Now it’s time to put your mind at ease and take action. While you can talk about weight loss and improving your health, it is not enough to prepare your mind for action. You are ready to move forward. Don’t let anything stop you from moving forward. This is your year! Believe it! Claim it! Are you ready to let go of bad habits and love your body? Weekly MAJOR Fitness tips and techniques, as well as articles and videos to support you in your journey to love your body.

    Before I get into the details of affirmations and how they can be used to help you on your weight loss journey, let me briefly talk about mindset. This journey should be viewed as a lifestyle change and not self-deprivation. You’ll end up back in the same place you started if you think of weight loss as a “diet” and a temporary endeavor. While you don’t have to lose weight every day, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly are lifestyle choices that you will want to keep for many years. You don’t have to go to the bakery every day, but if they call you by your name, it’s a problem.

    Body Care

    Our bodies need to be treated correctly in order for them to run smoothly. You are not on a diet. You are changing the way that you see yourself and treat your body. You are making a lifetime commitment towards a healthy mind, body, and soul. I promise you will be glad you did. Can affirmations really help us lose weight? Yes, and yes. An affirmation, as most people know, is a statement you repeat to yourself, confirming its validity. This is why affirmations work. It’s quite simple. Your mind believes everything that you tell it, and our minds and bodies are directly inked (believe or not). If you believe that you are fat and that no one finds you attractive, that will be the reality of your life. Your mind is like an algorithm.

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    It looks for and does the things it’s told. Once you convince your mind that you are fat, no one will like it, you can now tune into “I’m fat and nobody likes me” radio station. Everyone who listens to the same music as you has also tuned in. It’s a pity party. Change your self-talk. Positive affirmations work exactly the same as negative self-talk, but you get better results. It is controversial whether affirmations should be repeated in the present tense if they haven’t occurred yet, or re-worded to make them more future-friendly. It is believed that the mind might think you are lying and refuse to respond in present tense. False! If that were true, then negative self talk would not have any effect on us. It does. Or else we wouldn’t be trying to reverse it. The mind will believe everything you tell it, if you tell them enough.


    Below are some affirmation phrases that I have used that worked extremely well for me. Recite positive affirmations to your self every day. These new beliefs should eventually flow naturally through your mind. Don’t limit yourself to a 10 minute session. Think about it. It’s easy to get confused if you tell yourself you’re a hottie only for 10 minutes a week, and then complain about your looks the rest of the time. It’s obvious that you have no choice but to investigate. Can you see how it works? Repetition positive affirmations to your self and avoid negative self-talk. If you find yourself having a moment (and we all do), take a deep breath and stop. Your mind will soon believe the information you are telling it, and you will find every resource to support what you have said. You’ll now be connected to a station that provides everything you need to make this new reality a reality. Here are some affirmation examples to help you get started.

    • I am losing body weight at a steady rate.
    • I am steadily gaining muscle tone.
    • I am committed to great fitness and health.
    • I am beautiful inside and out.
    • I feel full of energy and excited about the new, healthier lifestyle that I have created.
    • I can do anything I put my mind to.
    • I am unstoppable! You are a broken record.
    • Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
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    You don’t need to keep a list and read each one sequentially. You can simply repeat these phrases aloud or silently throughout your day and it will become automatic and natural in a short time. You have successfully re-trained your brain and improved your body. You are unstoppable!



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