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    Apendektomi Sonrası Çocuklar?

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    Appendicitis means inflammation, enlargement and in many instances fungal infection of the vermiform appendix. This tiny tubular organ is the expansion of the cecum, and it’s thought to have a role in the process of digestion. When this worm-like manhood is blocked by calculus or feces, it becomes swollen and inflamed.

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    When the inflammation is accompanied by bacterial diseases, the progression of this disease is accelerated and the vermiform appendix quickly seizes to function. In the absence of an proper medical treatment, appendicitis may result in serious complications like perforation of the appendix, sepsis (severe bacterial infection) and abcess. Appendicitis is regarded as a surgical disease and its therapy commonly requires appendectomy.

    Appendectomy is a simple medical procedure that requires the removal of the diseased appendix in the body. Nowadays, appendectomy is regarded as a secure and reliable surgical process, and the dangers of postoperative complications are minimal. Unlike grown ups, young children and babies need special medical and parental care before and after surgery. If appendicitis involves bacterial disease, young patients are generally treated antibiotics before and after appendectomy.

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    Prior to surgery, children should also adhere to a rigorous food regime, aimed at reducing the risks of complications. Such regimens consist of soft, non-irritant foods and well-tolerated beverages. After operation, young patients will need to remain hospitalized for at least a couple more days. During this period, children will be kept under permanent medical observation and they’ll receive post-operative medical treatments to be able to accelerate their recovery.

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    Children are normally not allowed to drink or eat right after surgery. To be able to prevent dehydration and to decrease pain, young patients should receive intravenous fluids and analgesics. Even if kids experience post-surgery pain, physicians recommend that they ought to get out of bed and walk shortly after the surgery. In this manner, the intestines will begin functioning correctly, speeding up the young patients’ recovery.

    Within the first week after surgery, children should only eat soft, non-irritant foods like mashed potatoes, rice, soups and fruits. You should avoid giving your child foods that may produce abdominal bloating and discomfort.

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    To be able to stop post-operative anemia and asthenia, give your child vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements for at least one month. Also, be certain your child gets enough rest. After appendectomy, young patients should not be permitted to sustain intense physical exertion for about 2 months. However, simple recuperative gymnastics can accelerate the process of healing and older kids should be encouraged to take part in non-intense physical actions. This way your child will keep up a fantastic muscle tonus and a powerful immune system.

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