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    Do You Understand Your Body?

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    So much of the work I do with customers comes down to setting healthy boundaries. This was a significant learning curve for me in my life. Afraid of upsetting or angering others, I would make decisions based on external factors such as somebody’s approval or disapproval, or “rules” set by other men and women.

    Pain factor

    When I started implementing mind-body concepts to my life to be able to ease pain, I found that my body tells me, quite clearly, when to say no and yes. It tells me just how to pick on everything, from private lifestyle choices to business decisions. If I don’t say no to things which are not right for me, my body begins saying no to me. That’s what is not fun or comfortable.

    Ignoring my body’s view about my life decisions landed me to large amounts of physical pain, psychological distress, and mental frustration. Learning how to listen to my body’s opinion taught me just how out of the mess. That’s where most of my customers are right now – beginning to learn how to listen to their bodies. If you are working on that, also, this post is for you!

    Did you know?

    Your own body is your conduit for soul wisdom. You take in so much more info than you know, day in and day out, and I see your spirit as a huge being giving you loving and wise directives based on all this information. You, on your body, are only one small element of that you actually are. You, as a whole, are a soul. In Celtic religious traditions (which I love, so you will see me write about them a lot!), the spirit is seen as much larger than the body.

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    Yet, the body is critical in letting you bring your soul-self to this physical presence, providing you ageless wisdom, information about what is really right for you, and assisting you to execute your life purpose. So, once your body says yes or no to something, it is actually telling you exactly what your oh-so-wise soul understands. This is some seriously strong knowledge.


    Follow that spirit wisdom wherever you go, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve, from your health to making a joy-filled life generally. It sounds a bit crazy or on the top, perhaps, but as someone who’s living it, I must inform you that it is real. My life is so great right now I do not even know how to explain it to you. I return to where I was, when I was not listening to my body or myself at all, and I barely recognize that person.

    Who was she? She was not the real me. Now, I’m fully me. Sure, I’ve struggles or insecurities, but I stay me . I understand how to wade through the muddy stuff without getting lost or losing myself. This means I return to joy, to peace, to health, to calm, to love, over and over again. This means my dreams really do come true. This means I get to do my entire life, my way, and feel liberated.

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