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    How To Overcome Migraine Headaches?

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    In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, migraine headaches are becoming more common. It’s no surprise that migraines are becoming more common in today’s fast-paced world. Migraines can be described as severe headaches that occur on one side or the whole of the head. Sometimes, these headaches can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or changes in vision. They typically affect one side of the head, and can become more severe if they are exposed to light.

    Migraine Pain

    Migraine pain can range from mild to severe. Sometimes migraine pain can be so severe that a person is unable to move and cannot even lie down. About 4 to 1 more women suffer from migraine headaches that men than women. Many migraine sufferers report that migraines disappear in pregnancy for some women. Migraine headaches can be one-sided, pulsating, and last between 4 and 72 hours. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, hypersensitivity to light and noise (hyperacusis), and photophobia (photophobia).

    About a third of migraine sufferers experience an aura before they get their migraines. This is when the patient may feel a strange light or smell. The aura phase can also include vertigo, auditory or smelly hallucinations and temporary dysphasia. The Egyptians, who described migraine headaches as a “headache and neuralgia” in 1200BC, have documented migraine headaches.

    Visual Aura

    Hippocrates, 400 BC, described the visual aura that can precede migraine headaches and the relief that can be obtained by vomiting. Because Aretaeus, Cappadocia was the first to describe the symptoms of a unilateral headache that is associated with vomiting in the second century, he is often credited with being the “discoverer of migraines”. There have been many theories and explanations for migraine throughout the millennia.

    The pain was treated with everything from the reasonable to the absurd. Andalusian-born physician Abulcasis suggested applying a hot iron to the forehead or inserting garlic into a temple incision. Migraine was first recognized in the Medieval Ages as a distinct medical disorder.


    Treatment options included hot irons, blood letting, and witchcraft. Even today, it is not known what causes migraines in western medicine. Most people believe it to be a disorder in the serotonergic system. Recent PET scans showed that the aura can be linked to cortical depression following an episode of significantly increased blood flow (upto 300% more than normal). There are many triggers for migraines.

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    These include stress of any kind, whether it be physical or emotional, environmental factors, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations, birth control pills and hormone fluctuations during menopause. Foods containing tyramine (red wines, aged cheeses, chicken livers and figs), monosodium glutamate or nitrates (like bacon and hot dogs) are all possible causes. Salt can also cause migraines in some people. Eliminating salt from your diet may help. Avoiding milk and ice cream may be beneficial for lactose-intolerant people.

    Be Aware

    Tryptophan is an amino acid found in protein-rich food and is converted into serotonin. This substance can worsen migraines. Low-protein diets have been tried with some success to reduce migraine attacks. Although western medicine is still struggling to understand the true nature and causes of disease in the body, Chinese medicine has many simple and effective treatments for migraines. Your chi, or bio-energy, is responsible for everything in your body according to Chinese medicine.

    This idea has been dismissed by Western medicine, which is too simplistic and prefers the complex over the simple. This is a dangerous mindset. You can become blind to the truth if you are always searching for complex answers. This is true even if you only look for simple answers. These are the characteristics of “ascending chi” that rises up to the top. Remember that PET scans recently showed that the aura can be associated with cortical depression following an episode of significantly increased blood flow (upto 300% more than normal).


    According to Chinese medicine, “chi is the commander and blood is the mother of blood.” This means that the blood will follow chi wherever it goes. Many experiments have shown that blood flow to the feet increases when a person thinks about his feet. The blood flow to their heads also increases when they think about the feet. This ascending fire-chi is what causes migraines and other associated illnesses of excess fire energy. Many migraine sufferers have reported nausea, vomiting, and vertigo over the years. This is in perfect agreement with the ancient Chinese medical theory of “ascending chi”.

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    The blood follows the chi as it rises above the head. This is often due to the swelling of blood vessels in brains caused by increased blood flow. What is causing this “ascending chi” to rise to the top? These are the main chi characteristics of the body. Symptoms and disease will manifest in the body if any of these “chi symptoms” is present. Energy can be in disarray for weeks, months, or even years before symptoms manifest. When performed by a master healer, Chinese pulse diagnosis can detect energy deficiencies and imbalances up to a decade in advance. This is another thing that is often ridiculed in western medical circles.

    Food Chemicals

    Food chemicals such as MSG and high fructose corn syrup can cause excess fire chi in the body. The kidneys, which control the water functions of the body, are not strong enough or compromised in any way. This excess fire chi can then rise to the top uncontrollably. The blood will follow the chi, causing migraine symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, pain, and sometimes aura. This aura is a result of excessive fire chi rising up to the head. This aura can last up to an hour before a migraine attack.

    The most common neurological event is visual aura. A disturbance in vision is usually characterized by unformed flashes (white/or black) or multicolored lights (photopsia), or formations of dazzling, zigzag lines. This aura phase can also cause auditory and olfactory hallucinations. These are symptoms of the ascending chi, which is a high-frequency occurrence in migraine sufferers.


    These same symptoms are common in advanced Chinese meditation. They often occur when someone is close to achieving what is known as a “Major breakthrough” in their meditative practice. These symptoms should not be considered alarming, but a sign of celebration. These symptoms are an indication that the practitioner has successfully led huge amounts of chi into the brain. This energizes the brain to a much higher level, which is a major factor for enlightenment and increased mental power, wisdom, and longevity.

    A person who reaches this level has no pain or discomfort, but they experience great joy, peace, happiness, and significantly increased physical endurance, immunity, and longevity. These triggers can cause a decrease in kidney function and an increase in body fire chi. The heart is the fire organ in the body. Even though western medicine recognizes that the kidneys are often involved in the treatment of severe heart conditions, they don’t understand the mechanism. They also reject the Chinese explanations of chi. Any illness that causes severe symptoms will always have a part or all of its root cause in the kidneys. Your kidneys are the main organ that controls your overall life force, energy, and sexual health.

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