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    Ana SayfaBağışıklık SistemiTip 1 Diyabetin Nedenleri Nelerdir?

    Tip 1 Diyabetin Nedenleri Nelerdir?

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    Most people often understand how to deal with type 1 diabetes, but do you understand what causes type 1 diabetes? Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body makes little or no insulin. It was known as insulin dependent or juvenile diabetes. Nobody really understands what causes type 1 diabetes.


    But you should know that there’s nothing you could have done to prevent type 1 diabetes, even if went to see the doctor earlier. Also, your body’s defense system may attack your insulin making cells by mistake, but we do not know why. People usually find out they have it until age 30, most frequently in childhood or during their teens. In type 1 diabetes, our body has little to no insulin because our immune system ruined our cells.

    Through research, some scientists have concluded that factors like unhealthy diets and genetics may lead to type 1 diabetes. Additionally it is considered that type 1 diabetes is due to an”environmental trigger,” such as a virus or an allergen, which stimulates the immune system of the infant, child or young adult to attack the beta cells in the pancreas. These beta cells are the insulin manufacturers, and if they’re attacked they stop producing insulin, causing type 1 diabetes to develop.

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    Tip 1

    Since type 1 diabetes means that the body isn’t producing the right quantity of insulin, this absence of insulin becomes diabetes. Remember, insulin is very important in making glucose, that’s the energy our body utilizes. Glucose is absorbed directly into your bloodstream after eating; however with out insulin it can not enter your cells. Normally, your pancreas creates insulin continuously, increasing its production in response to this increase in blood glucose that occur after you consume.

    This additional insulin discharges your cells so that more sugar may enter, giving your body energy in addition to keeping a normal amount of sugar in your blood. It’s important to also be conscious of the various myths that over the years have arisen about the causes of diabetes. Eating sweets or the wrong sort of food doesn’t cause diabetes.

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    However, it may lead to obesity and this is connected with people developing Type 2 diabetes. Stress doesn’t cause diabetes, even though it might be a cause for the body turning on itself as in the case of Type 1 diabetes. It does, however, make the symptoms worse if you already have diabetes. Knowing what can cause or affect diabetes is as important as understanding how to take care of diabetes. As a diabetic, it’s always important to learn about each aspect of diabetes so that you can understand what’s occurring within your own body and what you can do to feel better and remain in control of diabetes.

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