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    You’ll find sound mental health and physical health by following the advice of the subconscious mind which produces your dreams. This means you will heal yourself as your obedience to the advice you’ve got in fantasy messages is indispensable. Your physician is the subconscious mind which shows you exactly what to do, but your cooperation is essential. This is the reason you have the capacity to heal yourself.

    Not alın

    Everything depends upon the implementation of the divine plan for your psychotherapy and development. The subconscious mind has a divine source and reflects what exists in your mind and mind in your dreams. You also learn many truths about the external world. You may heal yourself by obeying the divine guidance, without depending on anyone else. God is a physician. You do not need another psychotherapist.

    Dream translation is a convenient psychological therapy as you don’t pay your doctor for sending you valuable guidance in dreams, you do not need to go to your doctor from your comfort zone, and the world does not need to know that you’re following a psychological therapy. You may learn the fantasy language yourself, or you may submit your fantasies for professional fantasy translation online. This is a secret therapy. The unconscious psychotherapy will help you stop having psychological issues. If you have physical problems, they’ll be treated when you may change your mindset.

    Bildiğim iyi oldu

    All diseases are caused by your erroneous attitude. Some people today think that just a few diseases can be caused by emotional problems, but the reality is that all diseases begin because the person is after the absurdity of their anti-conscience. Physical ailments work like punishments for people who listen to their crazy conscience, but they avoid mental disorders. There are lots of holistic therapies now, and there are also many different psychological treatments.

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    However, these treatments aren’t guaranteed methods to treat a mental illness or a physical disorder. They’re doubtable and dangerous methods based on experiments, personal conclusions, and concepts. Only the scientific process of dream interpretation ensures your mental stability and your physical health since it’s founded on divine providence. All ancient cultures that considered that our dreams are made by God and admired the fantasy messages had a smart attitude. However, the modern culture was able to devaluate the value of dreams with numerous subjective interpretations based on opinions.

    Carl Jung

    The actual significance of the dream language was detected by Carl Jung, as I show with my discoveries and research, after precisely after his approach to dream interpretation. Jung did not distort the meaning of the dream language with his suppositions since he looked for the meaning of the dream language such as an archaeologist. He was attempting to discover the meaning of an ancient language.

    Popular fantasy interpreters and even psychologists interpret the meaning of dreams based on their suppositions, even if they make references to scientific research. They dismiss the dream logic, and the significance of the dream symbols. You will perceive the huge gap between the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me and the rest of the procedures, because the scientific writings help you understand God’s words. God’s words aren’t like the empty and hypocritical individual words.

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    God is a judge

    Most fantasy messages are negative, particularly in the beginning of your psychotherapy. This happens because you’ve inherited an absurd and wicked anti-conscience that’s continually trying to destroy your human conscience. You have to think and behave like a human being, not like a fanatic. Only this way will you locate sound mental health and physical wellbeing. Your conscience is under-developed and one-sided. Therefore, you’re far from balance. You tend to be absurd and wicked, despite the fact that you conceal this fact in the world and even from yourself. The subconscious criticism is unpleasant as you’re imperfect and you need to fight absurdity.

    God does not accept your imperfections. You must eliminate what’s negative into your mind and psyche. How the unconscious mind does not try to please your self proves that the information you’ve got in dreams comes from God, rather than from the ignorant mind. Your ego’s vision always would be to maintain a superior position.


    The planet takes advantage of the fact to make you want to fulfill the absurd needs of your selfish ego, since the entire world would like to keep selling you lots of goods. All psychological treatments based on human suppositions do the same. They honor your ego’s intention to be in the top, as though it was not absurd. The subconscious mind shows you the truth as it is to assist you ensure your mental stability rather than believing that you’re a sensible human being. You have to understand that your conscience is under-developed so as to develop your conscience throughout your life.


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