ГоловнаДієтаIs there a Secret to Healthy Weight Loss?

    Is there a Secret to Healthy Weight Loss?

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    Are you one of the 90-95% who find dieting doesn’t work? It could not be your fault. Here are some basics to help you succeed in healthy weight loss. 90-95%? It is common knowledge that losing too much weight can make it harder to maintain. The worst part is that many dieticians believe that reducing calorie intake to very low levels can slow or even stop weight loss. The typical “weight loss” diet involves losing more than just fat. The diet usually results in loss of muscle, fat, and water. It is possible to lose weight but not lose the fat you desire.


    Obese people should not lose weight, but keep their muscle. Muscle actually burns calories. Note: Muscle mass is more dense than fat. You can lose muscle without looking bulky. A slimmer body is achieved by losing fat. By exercising all muscle groups and consuming protein rich food, you can lose weight and build muscle mass. Most people get their protein from eating meat.

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    Supplementing with protein powders like whey is a good idea. However, meat is not always the easiest food to digest. Attention: People with kidney or liver conditions should be cautious about consuming too much protein. The American Heart Association states that too much protein can increase the risk of heart disease and cause kidney or liver problems.

    Body Nutrition

    The human body absorbs nutrients in six categories: fats and proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water, and vitamins. Every part of the body, every muscle and every organ, is constantly being renewed. Some, like the mucous membrane of our mouth, are regenerated multiple times per day. Some, like bones, take up to a year. To maintain minimum nutritional needs, it is vital to eat healthy.

    Carbohydrates provide energy. Proteins are the building blocks of life, amino acid, which are essential for cell construction in all parts of the body. Fatty acids are also required for brain and cell membrane building. Vitamins and minerals are vital for electrolyte balance and metabolic processes.

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    All vitamins are not the same. Your vitamins and minerals should be obtained from whole foods or liquid supplements. Pills and tablets vitamins are not well absorbed by the body and can lead to a waste of money. Inadequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals can often be the cause of excessive eating. If the food is not rich in essential vitamins and minerals, eating a smaller amount of food won’t work long-term.

    Proper body functioning is dependent on energy. This is not hard to understand. The human body burns stored fats and carbohydrates first when it needs energy. Glycogen, which is the body’s first source for energy, is derived from the liver’s carbohydrates. The body will then seek out other fat sources when that source is exhausted. These fat cells are then broken down and used as energy reserves. You can simply eat less “whole” food and burn more energy.

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    Extreme Diets

    Avoid extreme diets that can alter the body’s equilibrium. These diets can lead to malnutrition and ineffective at long-term weight reduction. The use of drugs should also be avoided. Even if you do everything right you might be missing one crucial ingredient: poor digestion. This could be due to a clogged colon or insufficient supply of friendly bacteria, or even parasites.

    Overeating, not exercising, eating the right diet, or eating too much could all be reasons for your overweight. The colon can become clogged with dangerous, deadly plaque that can prevent you from losing weight.


    Harmful parasites may quietly live in your colon, small and large intestinales, and stomach. These parasites can cause you to become puffy, gain weight, and be generally in poor health. You can learn the truth to lose weight, feel better all the time, feel younger, and feel more vital than ever. When your body is well cleansed, all your dieting efforts will be miraculously successful.


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