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    What Happens If My Neck Is Not Straight?

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    Do you hate going to bed because you don’t want another headache? Is it not amazing that we can do things to ourselves even while asleep? I know that I do. Did you ever think your pillow might be the cause of your headaches or migraines? Or that your pillow could be the cause of your headaches. Is your doctor just giving you medication for headaches?

    Neck Pain

    This is common because most doctors don’t know much about the role of muscles in migraines, neck pain, and headaches. They are more trained in drugs than they are in muscles. Most doctors overlook the fact that muscles can cause headaches. If muscles aren’t supported well, they can become cranky. They do. They prefer to be kept in neutral positions.

    Aggravate your muscles and you will be more stressed! Here are some tips to help you have a better night’s sleep and feel more energized. Side-sleepers tend to tilt their chins towards the ceiling or floor. Your neck will not be straight. It is bent or curved sideways. You can also squash, overstretch and compress the muscles around your shoulder, front, and top. All of this is bad for your muscles, and they will complain.

    How to sleep?

    You should learn to sleep on your stomach with your neck and shoulders supported. Back-sleepers can also wake up with headaches. Your pillow can be too heavy, pushing your head forward. This can cause muscle strain or stress in your back. These muscles attach to your head. If your pillow is too firm, it will not support your natural curve behind the neck.

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    This can also cause muscle strain. Side-sleepers have the option to purchase a special pillow that is designed for those who sleep on their side. It has a firm core and some “loft” or flouff around. The pillow must be high enough to support your neck bones and not curve towards the ceiling or floor. To support their natural curves, back-sleepers may use a “shaped” pillow. There are many sizes available, but the most common is the medium. Some are temperature-sensitive foam and are firmer in cold weather than in warm weather. Many of these pillows are too large, heavy, or hard for many people’s necks. You might also find a soft, flat, down pillow “for stomach sleepers” to be a good choice.

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    After your head is on the pillow, puff up the area under your neck. The tails will prevent you from bending your head in a way that could cause headaches or migraines. You can make your own pillow with fiberfill if you are unable to find one that provides the right amount of support for your neck (not too much or too little). A batt of fiberfill (fiberfill, also known as the stuffing for quilts) can be purchased at a fabric shop or department. It is very affordable. Do not buy the loose fill. Make sure you get a batt. Unroll the batt from the package. You can roll the batt into different thicknesses until it feels the best under your neck. Tape the roll to keep it’s shape. You may need a flat thickness under your head. You can adjust the thickness of the neckroll or for under your head until you find the right fit. You can make pillow covers yourself, or you could just use my tutorial. Pillowcases are easy to make – no sewing required.

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