ГоловнаІмунна системаЯкі продукти можуть посилити ефект від лікування гаймориту?

    Які продукти можуть посилити ефект від лікування гаймориту?

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    Chronic sinusitis is a condition where a sinus infection has been recurring for more than eight weeks. This condition affects millions. Sinus infections are not something to be taken lightly. Sinus infections can cause headaches, sinus congestion and runny nose.


    There are many treatments available. The challenge is choosing the right one for you. You can boost your treatment by eating foods that improve your immune system and act as expectorants. These foods can help reduce inflammation and treat chronic sinusitis.

    • Garlic – Adding garlic in your meals can help your body fight infection. This is due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is easy to increase the amount of garlic in your body. You can add them to soups or other dishes. You can also add them to boiling water and inhale their steam.
    • Mushrooms – Chronic sinusitis can sometimes be caused by a fungal infection of the nasal chamber. This is more like an allergic reaction. This type of infection is more common if you live near water sources or are in humid areas. The immune system is boosted by mushrooms. Including fungi such as Reishi or Miatake mushrooms in your sinus treatment can make it more effective.
    • Omega-3 rich foods – Eggs, fish, and nuts should all be a part of your daily diet. These foods are high in omega-3, which reduces swelling and congestion of the sinuses. Omega-3 is a great source of omega-3 in cold-water fish like salmon, anchovies, and sardines. Nuts like walnuts and pecans are also good sources. Supplements such as flaxseed or cod oil are a great way to get your daily omega-3 intake.
    • Pineapples – These fruits are rich in Bromelain, a protein-digesting enzyme. This enzyme is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very effective in treating various types of infections. Bromelain is also known to reduce inflammation and mucus.
    • Vitamin C – This vitamin is a key component of any sinus treatment. Vitamin C is a naturally occurring antihistamine that has strong antioxidant properties. It reduces inflammation and increases your immunity against disease. It is a good idea to eat more vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables, such as artichokes and blueberries, oranges, strawberries, lemons, and oranges.
    • Zinc – Zinc is known to fight the common cold virus. It can also be used to treat sinusitis by fighting fungal and bacterial infections. It is recommended that 15 mg. of zinc be consumed three times daily.
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    There are many treatments for chronic sinusitis. However, some side effects can be problematic. Natural remedies are often safe and effective for sinusitis sufferers. Regardless of what sinus treatment you choose to use, it is possible to make it more effective by increasing your intake the foods listed below.


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