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    What are Barriers to Losing Weight?

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    Q: What is stopping so many people from achieving their weight loss goals? This is a great question. I interviewed many people who struggle to lose weight. They were asked to share their top concerns and tell me what they think are the biggest obstacles. I was able to identify 5 obstacles people face when trying to lose weight.


    • Barrier 1: The Success Syndrome – It is human nature to be skeptical of change. It is difficult to mentally prepare for a goal we want to achieve. Many people feel that they will change if they achieve their goal. Some people fear losing close relationships as they have many relationships that are based on food. One lady I knew would meet her friend twice per week at a donut shop to talk, eat donuts, drink coffee, and chat.She was worried about her friend’s reaction if they stopped meeting at their favorite spot. She decided to change the relationship based on food and found something that they both enjoyed. Both of them lost weight and now love it.
    • Barrier 2: Family – Sometimes, our weight loss goals can be influenced by our families without us even realizing. Our family hears that we are changing our eating habits and how we eat. They love spending time with you and sometimes they try to sabotage your progress. Some people have large families who eat together every day. There are many high-calorie foods available when they get together with their families, such as rich desserts. Change is difficult for everyone, even those not directly involved. You will be pushed by your family to not deprive yourself. It is difficult to not give in to their pressure. Some people find it easier to not announce their intentions. Others simply tell their family what kind of support they require and explain why.
    • Barrier 3: Fear of unwanted attention – Many people fear that they will be the center of attention. Some people fear that they will be paid more attention by others who aren’t interested in them. Some people fear that they will be forced into socializing more. To show that they are not available, many people put a ring on the finger to express their disinterest. Some people love the extra attention, while others simply tell people they don’t want it.
    • Barrier 4: Giving up food. Some people have a food addiction, while others simply love certain foods and can’t imagine giving them up. You shouldn’t give up on your favorite foods, but you should indulge occasionally. You can lose weight by not denying yourself the things you love. Just be mindful of what you are allowing yourself to indulge in. You can treat yourself from time to time, but don’t let yourself get too attached.
    • Barrier 5: Not having to change your lifestyle – Many people believe they don’t need to. You have to change your lifestyle if you want weight loss and to keep it off. Your current lifestyle is what brought you to the point where you need to lose weight. You need to change your lifestyle. Although it can be difficult to change your life style, it is necessary to make a positive change in order to live a happier and healthier life. Even if you start small and only change a small portion of your life, you can continue to improve and change. It will eventually grow into a lot!

    Feeling Hungry

    These are some important tips to help you eat less and not feel hungry. It is easier than you might think to determine your calorie intake. Sometimes, all you need to improve your health is a few simple strategies to reduce body fat. These methods are proven to work in scientific research. Use smaller plates and bowls when you eat. There is evidence that this has a significant impact on how much you eat each meal. It is also a known fact that you may be satisfied with eating 1 / 2 of the food you should eat from one plate. It is also a well-known fact that smaller plates and bowls will help you stop eating second helpings. When we are trained to wash plates, portion control can be a difficult process. We have been taught that it is rude to leave food on our plates.

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    Some people believe that slowing down is a way to eat less food. The idea behind slow eating is to allow your brain to signal that you are full. This will curb your appetite and help you decide if you want to eat too much food. This process was not only successful in women, but also in men. However, it worked perfectly for the males. Other tests on males and women showed that eating at a normal pace, then slowing down, worked better for both men and women to eat less food. It is better to enjoy each bite and enjoy the meal, rather than just trying to get it down. This is an interesting tip to eat less chocolate: In one study, chocolate was placed directly in front of people.


    In another, the chocolate was placed several feet away. The chocolate further away was consumed at a rate of 50 %. Another scientific test was to place the chocolate in an opaque jar, as opposed to a jar that the people couldn’t see into. The people ate less chocolate, so the theory of eating from the sight of your stomach is very true. It is best to avoid eating in front of the TV while watching sports or playing other distractions. It is a fact that people will eat more pizza if they are sitting in front of the television. As with popcorn at the movies and eating at the table, people will eat a lot more food sitting down.

    The best way to eat less food is to eat with your family, as grandma used to say. Keep it simple and follow the good example of grandma or grandpa. Before you eat, turn off all distractions. You will eat less and enjoy the food more.

    What to know about Obesity nowadays?

    Fast lifestyle, but how many folks do actually know this is of the term "overweight" or rather "obesity". We hardly recognize the importance of carrying out a well balanced daily schedule. Obesity means having or gaining a bodyweight in excess of ten % or even more of the recommended bodyweight for a specific height. Nowadays, obesity has reached the amount of an epidemic.

    Can Ayurveda Treat Obesity?

    Warns us against these faulty ways of weight loss. In accordance with ayurveda, people with kapha constitution are usually more susceptible to unnecessary weight gain in comparison with people who have pitta constitution. Vata people, will be the least likely to turn out to be obese. So, while attempting fat loss, one must consider the inner constitution of your body.

    It is Fasting good for?

    Heavy, oily, and junk food, leftover foods, overeating, sleeping within an untimely manner, hormonal imbalances are believed be primarily in charge of excessive weight gain. In accordance with ayurveda, the "agni" or perhaps a weak digestive fire also leads to weight gain. Fasting is known as to be helpful in enhancing the digestive fire. You need to avoid taking fruit drinks while fasting.

    What to do for Weight Loss?

    Acupuncture balances your endocrine system (thyroid and adrenals) and metabolism! It aids the liver and kidneys to better process toxins. It improves the function of the pancreas and can help with insulin, cortisol, and brain chemistry. You can metabolize more efficiently and faster. Nearly 93 million Americans are obese. This number is expected to rise to 120 million in the next five years. 20 million Americans have diabetes, and 20 million more have impaired glucose tolerance (prediabetes).

    What to know about Obesity?

    Are Obesity and Cancer related?

    Nearly half of women diagnosed with breast cancer after their first menopause have a higher than average BMI. What you focus on is what gets accomplished. Your mental focus is key to your success. Your mental commitment is crucial. Your nutritional goals should reflect your desire to be healthier inside and out. Everyone may be raving about how beautiful you look, but it is your health that should be the priority. Weight affects your longevity! How does acupuncture work

    Can Acupuncture treat Obesity?

    Acupuncture affects all organ systems, including the stomach, liver and kidneys, as well as the endocrine system. Your body functions more efficiently and becomes more balanced. You have more energy to exercise, mental discipline, and more vitality.

    What are the recommended treatments? It depends on how committed you are to the treatment. Overeaters may benefit initially from 5 daily treatments, then 1-2 times per semaine. For those who want to lose 5-10 lbs, you should do this 1-2 times per week for 10-12 weeks.

    How to reduce Food Cravings?

    To reduce cravings, ear tacks and press pellets can be placed in the ear. A more alkaline blood system (vs. acidic), will lose weight faster. Your system may be acidic or co-exists with yeast, bacteria overgrowths or fungus, which can lead to more difficulty and less desirable results. What can you expect to see? If used correctly, Chinese herbal medicine (CHM), can help you lose weight.

    How does Acupuncture help with Obesity?

    The International Journal of Obesity published a review of 31 studies that examined the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating obesity. This review found that acupuncture was associated to a significant decrease in body weight, an improvement of obesity, and significantly lower body weight than control. TCM can improve your health.

    What to know about Weight Loss these days?

    There are many chapters in your life, but without your health, they can all be difficult. Your health is what allows you to live a productive and fulfilling life. Fitness and weight loss are two of the most important transitions you will experience in your life. You can get help throughout your entire life. It is not easy to lose weight. The older you get, it will be even more difficult.

    How to lose Weight?

    Losing weight has many benefits, not only for your health but also for your mental and physical well-being. You will feel proud of yourself and have a sense of accomplishment. Your self-esteem will be raised by losing weight and becoming fit. As a personal coach, my goal is to help women lose weight and become more confident in their bodies.

    How to set Goals for Weight Loss?

    It is great to lose weight. But, the additional benefits of achieving your goals and doing something for yourself are even more amazing. You will be enriched in many ways as you navigate the difficult waters that are weight loss. This coaching can also help you set goals. You set goals that are both small and large, short-term and long-term, and then you work towards achieving them one by one. You celebrate each milestone and each goal as you reach them.

    What are the Benefits of Exercise for Weight Loss?

    It is possible to feel depressed and despair during the transition period of weight loss. This condition can be overcome by a fitness program. Exercise is a natural mood booster, according to studies. Your body naturally releases endorphins when you exercise and increase your heart rate. This helps to boost your mood. Many women feel self-loathing and shame, especially if they gain weight.

    Why to take Triphala?

    Triphala is a combination of three fruits, Bibhitak and Haritaki. Amla is able to cool down pitta and support the natural functions of the liver as well as the immune system. Bibhitaki is known to be extremely good for kapha. It provides relief to the human respiratory system and kapha accumulations in all other systems. Haritaki is able to remove toxins from the body and help with weight loss by proper digestion and assimilation at the right times.

    What is Triphala good for?

    There are many benefits, including immunity enhancement and antioxidants. It also has the ability to kill bacteria-killing enzymes. Researchers have discovered that this particular combination of herbs can be very effective in lowering cholesterol levels. They are also powerful in fighting cancer, especially in the pancreas. Many experiments with mice have shown that the medicine reacts positively to the medicine. When tested on mice, tests showed that the medicine can slow down and even stop the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.

    Why is Triphala recommended?

    Triphala is recommended by many ayurvedic doctors to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. Although there are no scientific studies to support this claim, doctors believe that the herbal mixture can be used to cleanse the body and help to lose weight naturally. It is also considered a relaxing laxative. It stimulates the liver, improves immunity, increases digestion abilities, and reduces inflammation in the muscles.

    Why is Triphala so good for us?

    As well as providing relief for asthmatic patients, it also helps to relieve their symptoms. It is known for its many benefits, including the ability to rejuvenate the damaged tissues, maintain a steady bowled motion, aid in healthy digestion, optimum absorption, and natural cleansing. It works on all body parts in a controlled and effective manner. Although it can cause severe diarrhea in pregnancy, it is best to avoid this phase of your life.

    Why to Colon Cleansing?

    There are many websites dedicated to cleansing the colon. There are also a lot of people who do it, just to encourage and promote colon cleansing. You can cleanse your colon with hydrotherapy or eating herbs. These are the methods that many websites and people are dedicated to. You can also detoxify with expensive herbs and potion. How can we actually benefit from this cleansing the colon thing? Colon cleansing can hypothetically improve your body, health and mood.

    How to detox for Weight Loss?

    It is best to eat a high-fiber, low-fat diet. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and drink plenty of water. This will ensure a happy, healthy colon. You will need to cleanse your colon. However, you must also consider your health and find the best solution. Many people are looking for natural and non-toxic solutions to their problems. There are no side effects to treating anything. There are many herbal remedies available.

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