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    Why to try Fyron G1+G2 for Gout?

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    It’s 2:00 AM. You are still asleep after enjoying a delicious surf and turf dinner at the top restaurant in town. The soft cotton sheet against your big toe suddenly causes intense stinging pain. This could be an acute Gout attack, which can occur after consuming high-protein foods. You can choose from natural or prescription Gout remedies. However, you must know to manage the flare-ups and prevent future attacks.

    In this Channel you will learn all about Gout: Gout Home Remedy

    What is Gout?

    Before you can administer any type of gout treatment, you must first understand the condition that is ailing. Gout is a type of hereditary metabolic Arthritis that causes severe pain in one joint. It is usually a great toe but can also affect the elbow, knee, or hand. There may also be redness, warmth, swelling, and inflammation. Your doctor will examine you and test for elevated Uric Acid levels. Your doctor will then recommend a treatment for Gout.


    Your doctor will recommend Gout treatment and medication. Gout is a common condition that affects more men aged 30-60 than women. It can be difficult to find the right combination of treatment for Gout and natural remedies that is effective, safe, and reliable. Let’s first look at the physiological basis of Gout before we get into the treatments and natural remedies. Gout can be treated with either a prescribed or natural method.

    Here you can learn all about Gout Symptoms: Gout Symptoms

    Natural Methods for Gout

    Do you remember the elevated Uric Acid levels in your blood tests? Uric Acid is a crystalline substance found in urine. It is a byproduct of the normal breakdown of proteins in our cells. Uric Acid is not properly metabolized in Gout. It forms crystals which can then spill into the blood stream and accumulate in the joint area, causing severe pain and inflammation. Purine can also be found in protein-rich foods like seafood, poultry, organ meats and yeast products.

    To prevent future flares, avoid these foods and alcohol. Gout is treated quickly by addressing the pain immediately. Both prescription and over-the-counter analgesics are effective in relieving pain and inflammation. Prescription drugs for Gout are different from natural remedies. They target different mechanisms to reduce blood levels of Uric Acid.

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    Be kind to yourself during the acute phase. Keep hydrated by drinking enough fluid daily. Keep your TV remote handy, with your feet elevated. Avoid weight bearing. Drinking alcohol can only worsen symptoms.

    Gout can be treated naturally with dietary supplements, vitamins, and herbs. Vitamins C Curcuma, Boswellia, …, and Juniper Oil are all very usefull.

    You can find here all the best remedies for gout: Gout Home Remedies.


    Gout treatment can be done naturally in your own kitchen. Gouty arthritis can also be treated with delicious foods. Although there is not enough evidence to prove it, a small study showed that Uric Acid levels dropped after eating large amounts of cherries and other blue or red berries. This home remedy is popular for lowering Uric Acid levels as a natural treatment for Gout. Gout symptoms can be managed by eating complex carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, and pasta. You can have a customized plan for your dining pleasure. You might even get a good night’s rest!

    We recommend Fyron G1 + G2 a product made of Curcuma and Boswellia which is very easy to take. Just mix 15 drops each of G1 + G2 on a spoon and then passed into the mouth. The liquid is salivated in the mouth for as long as possible. This sublingual intake allows the ingredients to enter the bloodstream more quickly via the thin oral mucosa. When simply swallowed (the classic oral intake), the ingredient must first pass through the liver to enter the large circulatory system.

    Curcuma And Boswellia

    You can buy it on the manufacturer website: Curcuma and Boswellia.

    What user say about Fyron G1 + G2?

    Lauren, 43 years old, London:

    I have had pain in my right foot for many years. I have seen countless doctor's and have never got the pain to go away! I got this product yesterday and took 2 capsules before bed, went to work today and noticed about halfway through the day my foot was not hurting as much as normal. By the end of the day my foot pain was almost gone!

    Jon, 46 years old, Rotterdam:

    The biggest releaf I noticed was on my way home riding my motorcycle. My hands always cramp and bad, I had no hand cramping! All this after one dose! Wow just wow, can't wait to see what the days to come bring! Putting on auto ship!

    Stefany, 37 years old, Antwerpen:

    My husband suffers from gout. Recently, he had a really bad flare up and not even the medication could make it feel better. Foot was super red and swollen. He saw his doctor and he said just to continue taking his medication.

    I found this bottle on IncHealth and decided to buy it. With just the first time taking it, swelling got a bit down, by the 2nd day he was able to walk. By the end of the week, he was completely pain free and no swelling, but to normal. So glad this worked for him.

    Alvaro, 46 years old, Berlin:

    I had recurring gout attacks every 4 to 6 months, for 3 years. After starting Fyron G1+G2, I have not had a gout attack for over 1 year. Note, it takes time to start working. Do not stop taking it, just because you do not see an improvement in the first days. Do drink more water through out the day.

    Juan, 43 years old, Barcelona:

    I rarely write reviews, but this deserves one. I have always been skeptical of products like this and usually opt for some prescription medication, but my gout attack had been going on four weeks so i decided to give it a shot.

    After three days of taking Fyron G1+G2 three times daily, the redness and swelling that have been in my toe for weeks has decreased dramatically. This is a MUST TRY for those suffering with a gout attack.

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    Does turmeric help prevent gout?

    Turmeric is fantastic against gout because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is able to slow down gout and reduce swelling and inflammation in the joints.

    Curcumin inhibits the production of prostaglandins that are linked to pain. It may also help the adrenal gland produce higher levels of cortisone, which can relieve inflammation in gout. By reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, uric acid can be controlled.

    The analgesic activity of curcumin can also reduce pain and swelling in gout attacks as early as 24-48 hours and is as effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in relieving pain.

    Is Boswellia good for gout?

    Boswellia serrata is a natural pain reliever as it contains active ingredients such as boswellic acids (acetyl-11-ketoβ-boswellic acid) which are super powerful anti-inflammatories that prevent inflammatory white blood cells from entering damaged tissue.
    They also increase the blood supply to inflamed joints by helping to repair any damage caused by inflammation or gout attack and help stimulate cartilage growth.

    Does Boswellia fight inflammation?

    Boswellia serrata, or Indian frankincense, is a resin herbal extract from the boswellia tree, which natural medicine practices have used for centuries.

    It has a powerful natural anti-inflammatory property that can help with inflammatory conditions such as gout and minimize the symptoms of those inflammatory conditions.

    It contains chemicals that might decrease swelling and increase the body's immune response to gout, thus it can help reduce the inflammation of gout.


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