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    What About Seniors And Companionship?

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    For a lot of people, happiness closely relates to companionship. Scientific research shows that humans are social animals who need other people, often the opposite gender. Such attractions make it possible for individuals to participate in meaningful relationships which produce colors of happiness. Interestingly, the brain is the first organ that finds such demands, culminating into human appetite, sometimes even into more profound human cravings.

    Let’s see…

    This becomes evident, through the functions of internal systems that create psychological, physiological, and emotional responsiveness to collaborative body and mind consciousness. Evidence of the recognition occurs in male erection or feminine secretions excited by sensual ideas, touch, smell, taste, hearing, or seeing. The psychological pathway evoked by hormones and hormones activate desire for sensual pleasure, which often seeks ways to acquire such satisfaction, motivating behaviors that appear to be inexplicably automatic.

    Abraham Harold Maslow (1908 – 1970) an American psychologist who studied human needs, tried to clarify some of the physiological needs of human survival, which not only include air, water, and food, but also sustaining ample instinctual sexual strength, having ability to take part in”sexual contest”. Another research study concluded that libido or sexual drive is an inherently requirement for human survival and psychological stability.

    Likewise, when ability to express sensual libido discontinues, some psychologists believe that psychological or psychological dysfunctions may follow. The mind, the most fundamental human organ, responds to these bodily sensations by generating happy hormones which extend joy of living. This occurs, principally because of strong hormones and hormones that act upon technical regions of the brain.

    Hormonal factor

    Dopamine intensely links with reward action in deep brain causing sense of contentment and happiness. Serotonin, another neurotransmitter that helps regulate human behaviours related to arousal and aggression. These qualities are attributable to sexual attitudes and behaviours needed for libido satisfaction. Serotonin also blocks melancholy and induce happiness. It sparks during exposure to sun, when eating foods abundant in carbs, and during exercise.

    The famous’love hormone’ oxytocin, evokes social attraction, bonding, and climaxes. Concentration of oxytocin decreases during negative situations like personal offence, rudeness, slurs, upset, and negative thinking. To help maintain healthy levels, eating foods rich in oils, proteins which contain HDL (high-density lipoprotein), meaning beneficial cholesterol found in avocados and bananas enables richer lovemaking and societal attitudes.

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    Research studies also indicate that release of oxytocin with positive social exchanges help recuperation from disorders. Then endorphins activate good feelings and reduce pain and anxiety. Additionally, these hormones help handle stress and mood. Including feelings of euphoria that often generated from prolonged physical exercise. Thus, this takes into consideration that endorphins creates during sexual episodes aided by physiological rhythmic movements.

    Understanding human development considers female and male romantic companionship, believed by scientists to be an individual need. Among those scientific areas that vociferate this matter is positive psychology which advocates reduced anxiety, positive human relations, physical and mental conditions that encourage well-being. Under relaxed states, free from negative stress, pleasure producing hormones and neurotransmitters operate at their optimal level.


    These can have free effect on each other, helping handle each other’s temperament. Love is one of the qualities that normally have a calming effect when practiced with tenderness, kindness, and attention. Companions, who sincerely strive to please each other, often have fun doing this. This also, is a state of mind produced by the interaction of these hormones. Romantic states of mind may also help prolong life by preventing or reducing stress, negative effects of hormones.

    Thus, scientific study encourages seniors to consume foods which increase survival rate that sustain libido. Not only that, but regular exercise using a high-grade vitamin and mineral supplement after the doctor’s approval, sustain both mind and body as one of the character’s strongest. From these observations, it becomes clear that meticulous care of brain, body, and brain increases happiness.

    This is so because exercise stimulates the mind, body, and create powerful hormones and hormones, which then create feeling of happiness. This happens when one falls in love. For these reasons, evoking natural biochemistry, especially in the brain is crucial for healthy functions of the whole body, which maintains homeostasis, that is to say physical and psychological balance. Thus, it’s not surprising that exercise stimulates brain activity in 1 step, while reading and writing promote brain health in different measures.

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    Good health

    It also requires getting out, speaking to others, engaging in mentally challenging activities. First and foremost, in the closest relationship, romance fosters life functions to higher degree of emotional functionality that rewards physical and psychological wellness. In precisely the exact same sequence, adequate sleep reduces stress and promotes physical and psychological wellness. That takes into account activities like self-improvement applications and continued adult education.

    Such endeavors trigger brainpower, which can be great for body wellness. Then bowel regularity is just as crucial as the other recommendations. Emotional competence is another requirement, which allows understanding one’s own makeup in addition to their mate’s temperament. This comprehension supports intelligent management of natural psychological fitness and proper mental hygiene.

    These compounds, earlier mentioned, make us feel great in addition to reducing anxiety and pain. They discuss in providing the so-called runner’s high, characterized by the sensation of euphoria during prolonged physical exertion. Likewise, rhythmic body movements during sexual activity generate endorphins which respond like morphine, categorized as endogenous opioids. Endogenous opioid-containing neurons colonize in many brain areas, subserving the medial hypothalamus, diencephalon, pons, hippocampus, and midbrain, which intersect the pleasure center of the mind.


    It is a state of the brain that is based upon the intricate interchange of brain chemistry. Their availability is dependent upon the food we eat and interaction with the environment. A feeling of well-being results when their activities are in the normal variety. Excess or deprivation of those biochemical reactants may come in depression or mania. Moreover, happiness is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

    Therefore, feelings of happiness result from neurotransmitters. When released, they transmit messages from one neuron to another, across synapses, in other words, junctions between cells. Evidence shows that some foods influence the brain’s production of hormones. Complex carbohydrates contribute to elevated levels of serotonin, and protein foods encourage the production of dopamine and norepinephrine. Nevertheless, hormones readily oxidize, requiring adequate intake of antioxidants.


    It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, meaning that it prevents the transmission of impulse across receptors, yet it connects to reward processes in the mind. However, in the event of use of cocaine, opium, heroin, alcohol, and smoking, such compounds increase the amount of dopamine affecting the benefit system. Because dopamine causes sense of contentment and happiness, some people induce high levels of dopamine.

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    When secreted from the nigro-striatal tract, dopamine also modulates mood. Serotonin, another neurotransmitter, controls several types of behaviors that encompass sleep, appetite, stimulation, and aggression. These activities correlate with variants of character traits and moods, such as depression. Serotonin prevents depression, increasing ability to be joyful. Exposure to sunlight is useful in releasing serotonin, also eating foods rich in carbohydrates and exercise help increase its levels also.

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