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    What About This Acne Treatment?

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    Nodular acne and cystic acne are some of the most painful types of acne possible. Nodular acne appears as strong, domed lesions which occur quite deep in the skin, surrounded by redness and inflammation.

    Cystic acne

    It occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin have a tacky lining that prevents simple cellular shedding. The dead cells block the glands that swell with oil secretion and finally break into cysts. Both these kinds of acne can be extremely debilitating, and both pose the danger of discoloration if left untreated. When severe acne was treated with mild to moderate medicine without a positive reaction, many physicians recommend Accutane.


    Accutane (or Isotretinoin) is a derivative of vitamin A that’s taken orally by acne patients, normally over a period of 16 to 25 weeks. The immediate effect of the drug is a fast and dramatic (though short-term) decrease in sebum production by the sebaceous glands. Without sebum generating pressure on the embryo or pore, the nodules and cysts stop forming and skin may begin to heal.

    Accutane is also thought to reduce skin bacteria and decrease inflammation in the skin follicles. Although acne may get worse before it begins to improve, the results usually begin to show by the next month, and when the first course of Accutane is completed, studies show that approximately 90 percent of individuals have clear skin for at least a year.

    Good to know

    Should acne occurs after that time, patients assert it is usually a lot more manageable. Some acne patients do wind up taking another course of Accutane, after given a suitable recovery period in the first class, and it is also often very effective, sometimes able to prevent nodular or cystic acne completely. The positive results that acne patients experience with Accutane can be, without question, enormous.

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    However, taking this medication to treat acne doesn’t come without significant risk; there are a number of side-effects related to Accutane. Milder side-effects include (but do not stop at) cracked and dry lips, dry skin and eyes, and increased sun sensitivity. More critical side-effects contain slowed wound healing, nosebleeds, and even in some instances, depression. These are only some of the side-effects.

    Side effects

    Although these side-effects might seem like just a mild annoyance when compared to debilitating and embarrassing acne, Accutane is quite difficult on the skin and on the body organs. Dermatologists often suggest that non-emergency surgeries be put off till following a course of Accutane so as to provide the skin time to bounce back from its delicate and fragile condition.

    Cosmetic surgeries especially should be avoided, as are processes like waxing body hair that needs the skin to become robust. The liver has a particularly tough time with Accutane, and may be severely diminished in addition to the immune system. The most serious result of taking Accutane occurs if a woman taking this medication becomes pregnant during the course of treatment.

    Accutane has debilitating effects on a developing fetus, causing severe birth defects and sometimes even fetal death. Should you choose to approach your dermatologist to start Accutane acne treatment, there’s a process you need to go through before you’ll even get considered for a prescription.

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    Keep in mind

    Blood tests will be conducted to ascertain pre-treatment liver and kidney function, and to track blood count and blood fats. Women will have another blood test to make certain they’re not pregnant at the time they intend to begin taking Accutane, and it’ll be emphasized many, many times they shouldn’t, under any conditions, get pregnant during the treatment or for at least 30 days afterward.

    Final word

    Female Accutane patients will need to commit to two types of contraception, beginning a month before the treatment, and extending an additional month in the end. And for both female and male patients, some physicians recommend psychological screening and continuous monitoring by psychiatrists or therapists to make certain that depression does not become a problem. If you’re contemplating starting a course of the medication, do the study and become informed. There are lots of reasons that a dermatologist may recommend against Accutane, based upon your family and personal history. Most importantly, do not give up on searching for an acne medicine that works well for you. There are far more acne treatment choices available on the industry now than previously, so acne is never without hope.


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