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    What Are Immune System Supplements?

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    Natural immune system supplements have existed since humankind found that some plants may actually bring about better health and recovery. For thousands of years we’ve used plants to cure wounds, treat nausea, headaches, colds and flu. The list of medicinal plants and the disorders they treat is exhaustive and contains specific botanicals which are proven scientifically to naturally enhance your immune system.

    Did you know?

    It’s only until recently, about 100 years or so that a few people learned how to change plants and botanicals in the molecular level to make products which they can exclusively patent. These individuals known as their creations pharmaceuticals. We’re now learning that the side effects caused by these molecularly altered plants and botanicals can cause more damage than good. You have choices and options available to you now that could dramatically improve your health and your immune system.

    Herbal supplements

    Quality herbal supplements will supply an immune fighting increase but when you add only a few simple lifestyle changes to the mix, you can produce a natural cocktail for improved health and healing. Begin by eating healthier. When we eat processed foods which contain very little nourishment and have fewer vitamins and minerals, becoming sick is where we will eventually end up. Therefore, that which we put inside our bodies, whether our own consumption or indirectly by our surroundings, causes the majority of the disorders we see now. It’s crucial that we eat a well-balanced diet containing loads of fresh vegetables and fruits.

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    This could help us maintain a strong immune system and fight off unhealthy components which are harmful to our long-term health. Simply adding one carrot, 1 orange and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil daily provides us with the vitamin C, E and A that’s required to boost immunity naturally. Another effective way to naturally strengthen our immune system is to work out. Getting your heart rate pumping at least 45 minutes 3 times weekly will help to oxygenate the body and boost metabolism. Additionally, it helps your body get the most from nourishment by supplying better nutrient absorption.


    A enormous immune suppressant word of late is anxiety. Most of us live in stress-filled surroundings and this alone could wreak havoc on your immune system. Setting aside daily quiet time for prayer or meditation can decrease stress and plays an important role in healing the damage that stress does to our bodies. Add all natural immune system supplements to your daily health regimen but select your nutritional supplements wisely. They’re not the same and come in many different forms such as pills, potions, powders and lotions.

    Look for nutritional supplements containing phytonutrients (meaning: plant and nutrient) like the Crown Herb, Chinese Skullcap, and White Korean Ginseng. When combined, these three herbs have strong healing properties, which have been carefully investigated. Scientific studies have shown that these three plants jointly have a synergistic effect-they work together to improve, balance, and match the advantages of one another. This synergized botanical blend offers a wide assortment of health-promoting properties, versus a singular and concentrated “silver-bullet” ingredient approach that pharmaceuticals offer.

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    These three healing botanicals provide some of the strongest sources of special nutrients that our body has to accelerate natural recovery, improve immune defenses, react to everyday stress, and operate optimally. These powerful plants are used for centuries by traditional healers and lately, scientific studies have uncovered the source of the healing power and is showing an ever growing list of potent and valuable properties.

    The combination of these three herbs also provides additional benefits which include the ability to market energy and protect from the damages of exhaustion. They can help your body maintain a healthy cholesterol level and encourage blood pressure levels which are within normal range. They also support healthy cardiovascular functions, help to keep the metabolic function of the human body and supports healthy liver functions. It’s essential to search for quality immune building nutritional supplements when searching for ways to strengthen your immunity. The combination of these three powerful natural immune system supplements has the capability to bring your body to its optimal healthier state.


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