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    Which Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea And Coffee?

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    The Chinese have used green tea to treat disease for centuries. Today, Western civilization is starting to enjoy the benefits of green tea. Recent research has revealed a number of the health benefits of using green tea such as the potential prevention of rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cataracts and even cancer.

    Did you know?

    Green tea aids weight loss programs. Studies have shown that drinking green tea can help you burn more calories. Among the greatest benefits of green tea is its ability to fight bacteria. This gives your immune system a boost. Additionally, it helps kill germs that cause plaque and subsequent tooth decay. Green tea can help combat food poisoning, also. Additionally, green tea can help lower blood glucose and cholesterol. It helps slow the aging process! Why is green tea so valuable? It’s to do with how it’s processed.

    Black tea and oolong tea are fermented, but green tea is steamed. Fermenting oxidizes the antioxidants in the leaves and leaves the antioxidant considerably less effective. Steaming the leaves retains the antioxidants intact. How much green tea do you will need to reap all the terrific benefits? Recommendations vary from 3 to 10 cups per day. One thing is sure: more is better, so drink as many cups as you like! Though green tea has plenty of great advantages, lots of us aren’t about to give up our morning cup of java.

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    Guess what?

    No problem! You’ll be happy to hear that new studies have revealed there are some wholesome advantages of coffee drinking. Coffee appears to counter some of the damage brought on by bad habits like smoking or heavy drinking. Some smokers who also drink coffee have been proven to have less heart disease than other smokers.

    Some heavy drinkers who also drink coffee frequently have less incidence of liver damage than anticipated. Besides the caffeine in coffee, there are other ingredients which are beneficial to our health. Coffee contains antioxidants such as quinines, chlorogenic acid and tocopherols in addition to essential minerals like magnesium. All these help glucose metabolism and can, because of this, decrease the risk of diabetes.

    Final note

    Animal research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry imply coffee antioxidants increase the action of enzymes which might protect against colon cancer. Trigonelline is another valuable ingredient in java that might help prevent tooth decay. Other advantages of coffee include reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease, helping alleviate asthma symptoms and tension headaches, and inhibiting the formation of gallstones.

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