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    Which Crystals for Healing practices?

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    Crystals are used to restore balance and heal ailments since the days of ancient Egypt. The belief is that negative energy is released and cleared through their usage. By ridding ourselves of negative energies we help our bodies in recovery.

    Healing practices with crystals

    Besides documents demonstrating the use of crystals in ancient Egypt, records also date back 5,000 years demonstrating their usage in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices also. Healing with crystals employs the use of diamonds for healing practices. The stones are placed on “chakras” or energy centres of the body. It’s supposed to strengthen the entire body by solving ailments with several kinds of crystals that carry different degrees of vibration.

    As a result of varying mineral content available in each type of crystal, each one is going to provide its own special vibration. Crystals may be used for healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. So as to use crystals for healing, an individual can wear them as an attachment, put them around the bathtub while they bathe or store them near their bed while sleeping. Following are a few of the most frequent kinds of crystals and an explanation of the healing properties.

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    Clear Quartz

    Assists the body in restoring health by unblocking energy centres. One can enhance their immune system by holding a quartz point daily. This sort of gemstone will eliminate negative energies and function to concentrate the mind.

    Rose Quartz

    Its delicate pink tone is soothing. It may aid steadiness of self-esteem if it’s being tested. It’s a calming stone that relates to self love. It helps you to release anger and other feelings of negativity by encouraging forgiveness.

    Smokey Quartz

    This is a fantastic luck crystal. It had been used in times of struggle when early soldiers required to promote comfort and dampen negativity. Its most frequent use is to put it under the pillow when you’re sleeping. It’s reputed to induce dreams which are lucid. It helps one to remember activities and balance sexual energy.


    This rock is a lilac or deep purple in colour. It’s indicative of imagination and one’s ability to practice spiritual healing. It may lessen nightmares when kept under one’s pillow and may improve REM sleep. It’s sometimes utilized to heal alcoholism.

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    This rock is bright yellow or deep-orange in colour. It help strengthen self-esteem and a positive flow of energy in and around the body.

    Discover the crystal healing power!

    Crystal healing happens when one is experiencing stress and anxiety when a person holds it in hand. It’s also thought to assist one in the development of communication skills.

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