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    Which Home Remedies Can Treat Acne?

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    Finding the right treatment for acne can be difficult when you are dealing with an inclination to get rashes. There are many acne treatments on the market. This is why many people turn to home remedies to treat their acne problems. There are many home remedies available that can help with treating acne.

    Home Treatments

    Orange peel is one of the most effective home remedies. Simply pound the orange peel with water on a stone. The mixture must be applied to the affected areas. Another home remedy involves lemon juice. All you have to do is apply the lemon juice to your acne. This will help reduce acne and pimples. It is also effective in treating acne with garlic. You can simply rub raw garlic on your acne multiple times per day. Garlic is an herb that has been proven to be effective in treating the most severe acne problems. It can be used externally or internally.

    For a month, you only need to consume three cloves of raw garlic each day. This will help to cleanse the blood and keep acne away. As a home remedy, you can mix a teaspoon of coriander with a pinch turmeric powder. After washing your face, apply the mixture to your acne every night.

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    Take note

    This home remedy can also be used with mint juice, instead of coriander. A paste of fenugreek leaf can be made and applied to your face every night. To prevent pimples and blackheads, wash your face in the morning with warm water. For acne treatment, rub grated cucumber on your neck, eyes, and face for around fifteen to twenty minutes each day. It is a wonderful tonic for your skin that works wonders in preventing blackheads and pimples.


    To help prevent and control acne, you can also follow an acne diet. For a week, eat three meals of fresh fruit like grapefruits, peaches, grapes and apples. You can only eat unsweetened lemon juice or hot or cold water while on this diet. After completing the week-long all-fruit diet, you can switch to a balanced diet of raw foods, including fresh fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and wholegrain cereals. To maintain healthy skin, it is better to eat ‘all fruit’ three days per month. Avoid strong tea, coffee, and soft drinks if you have frequent acne outbreaks. Avoid ice cream, condiments and meat, sugar, pickles and candies, as well as processed and refined foods. These home remedies and diets will help you to reduce your acne outbreaks.

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