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Why So Many Suffer From Migraine Headaches?

About twenty-eight millions Americans suffer from migraine headaches. They are the most severe headaches. The patient may experience intense pain and other symptoms, as well as the fear of future attacks. There is no cure for migraines. Doctors don’t know what causes them. There are treatments that can reduce the severity and frequency of migraine attacks. However, fifty percent of migraine sufferers prefer to self-medicate rather than consult a doctor.


There are two types: common and classic migraine headaches. The most common migraines are known and last longer than the classic ones. A classic migraine is characterized by five phases. They include the prodrome, aura, headache, termination, and postdrome phases. Individuals can experience any or all of these phases. The prodrome phase is a period that occurs before the headache. It can occur hours or days before.

During this time, the person may feel more sensitive to light, sound, smells, and light. They may also experience fatigue, increased thirst, and loss of appetite. The aura phase follows the prodrome. The aura is a combination of visual disturbances, such as a flashing light pattern or some other type of flashing light pattern.

Bi-lateral Pain

The headache is a throbbing, bi-lateral pain that affects both sides of the head. Sometimes, shooting pains can be felt in all parts of the head. The pain gradually increases in intensity and builds up slowly. Migraines usually last for one day, but can last up to three days. Many people experience nausea and vomiting in addition to the headache. The pain subsides during the termination phase and the person falls asleep. At this point, vomiting can also occur. The pain subsides in the postdrome phase.

However, some people feel irritable and others feel better. You can reduce the duration of migraines by getting treatment as soon as you feel that you are experiencing an attack. It is important to recognize warning signs. The quicker you treat a migraine, the greater your chances of reducing or eliminating it. There are many warning signs that can be experienced. Some people feel the aura, blurred vision or tingling. Others experience fatigue, irritability, and neck pain. Recent research has shown that nearly half of migraine sufferers crave chocolate before an attack. A source of magnesium, chocolate may trigger migraines.


Daily magnesium supplements may help to prevent this from happening. There are many new medications that can be used to treat migraines. Many sufferers prefer to find a dark and quiet area where they can rest and relax. Some people find that over-the-counter medications work. There are medications that can be used to treat nausea associated with migraines. Self-treatment can be effective, but it is better to consult a physician if you suffer from migraines. They will be able to help you plan a treatment strategy and may even recommend new remedies.