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Ovládají migrény můj život?

It is difficult to live with headaches. It’s exhausting to live with headaches day after day. It’s frustrating to know that your family and friends don’t get it. Add to this the frustration of knowing that doctors, MRI’s, and CT scans only return “normal” results. This is enough to make anyone want scream! Since years, I have been helping patients suffering from neck tension, headaches, and migraines live pain-free lives. They tell me that they are tired of switching between headache medications.

Věděli jste to?

In the United States, migraines affect approximately 22 million women. Most headaches are caused in part by damage to the neck structures, such as muscles, ligaments, and cervical discs. These structures all have complex nerve endings. Research has shown that natural remedies for headaches are more effective than medications and massage, and have no side effects. Get rid of your debilitating headaches now!

Imagine living your life again pain-free and without headaches. You can play with your children, have fun with your friends, and not worry about your headaches. The right doctor will be able to diagnose the cause of your headaches by conducting a thorough consultation about it, as well as a neuromuscular and skull exam of the head, neck, and adrenal evaluation.

Správná strava

Your headaches may be gone if you get the right recommendations about the foods that you should avoid. Could this drug-free treatment be your solution to headaches? Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of spinal adjustments for headache patients.


This study compared two groups: one group received chiropractic adjustments and the other received amitriptyline. Amitriptyline is a medication that is often prescribed to treat severe tension headache pain.

Researchers found that chiropractor patients had almost no side effects after six weeks. Only the patients who had been treated by chiropractors reported fewer headaches after their treatment was over. According to medical experts, spinal manipulations can almost immediately improve headaches.

Patients experienced significantly less side effects and a longer-lasting relief from headaches than with a common medication. Your body’s way to tell you that something is wrong is through pain. It is essential to identify the problem and fix it immediately.


You have very little to lose and a lot of potential benefits. Why suffer with years of misery? How many years can your body take taking one pill after the other? This is the medical way of merely masking symptoms. This is not a way to live. There may be a solution. Many pain medications are addictive and can have severe side effects. You might try an alternative approach that identifies the problem and addresses it.