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    What Should You Know About Cancer Treatment?

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    The term cancer strikes fear into every heart. If you’ve been diagnosed with this dread disease you have likely been told that your only hope of survival is radiation or chemotherapy treatments. But are such treatments curative or do they actually cause more harm than good? How do using poisonous substances to supposedly cure such a disease really be called therapy or treatment?

    Let’s see…

    Before you mortgage your home, your car, your life and your spouse to get these”life saving treatments” there are a couple of things you should think about. Chemotherapy is poison to your body. It kills healthy cells and leaves you desperately sick. Chemotherapy destroys the immune system and any chance of the body healing itself, hence this treatment really promotes cancer rather than healing it.

    Did you know?

    Chemotherapy is the most costly “treatment” understood and I’m pretty sure you can not afford it. Statistically speaking, chemotherapy has almost zero chance of treating you. I don’t know about you but these are not good enough odds for me. Evidence points to the fact that a cancer sufferer is better off doing nothing than allowing himself to be poisoned to death by chemo treatments.

    Chemotherapy literally bombards your severely stricken body with toxic compounds. How can this be called a cure? If you were diagnosed with cancer it is very important that you take a step back, collect yourself, and do not be too fast to follow the mainstream of medical “opinion” because in their view chemotherapy is the only alternative. Of course you will probably cover the medical community up of one million dollars before your treatment eventually kills you but I guess that is not quite as bad as it seems because in fact you “can not take it with you” anyway.

    Keep in mind

    Additionally it is fairly certain that when you die, they will claim that it was actually the cancer that killed you but I am here to inform you that it is extremely hard for your body to heal itself when it’s being bombarded with toxins and deadly radiation. A healthy immune system is the only hope when diagnosed with the “C” word. Unfortunately another “C” word, CHEMOTHERAPY, really attacks the immune system by destroying countless white blood cells. Have you ever known somebody who has undergone chemotherapy treatments? Search your memory card to the before and after pictures.

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    Be aware

    Before beginning treatment what did the person look like? They probably looked quite normal unless suffering from another condition. After a couple weeks to chemo treatments what did the person look like? Basically they seemed like a walking corpse did not they? They lost enormous amounts of weight in addition to all their hair and they seemed the grey color of the dead did not they? Can it be the cancer that did this to them or was it compound poisoning? The obvious answer is that chemical poisoning was the offender.

    Chemotherapy treatments will definitely cause your death much quicker than the cancer and this is most likely why most physicians would probably never consider chemotherapy for themselves. No treatment at all is far better than chemotherapy and the overwhelming proportion of cancer patients in America really die of chemotherapy. These truths will most likely remain a guarded secret however since the people promoting this poison for a cure have reaped insane amounts of financial compensation for doing this. Is it any wonder that we have never been enlightened? And by the way, please do not be persuaded into thinking that chemotherapy is anything like a successful cancer treatment simply because the poisonous chemicals which wreak havoc on your body and immune system also have been shown to shrink tumors.


    Shrinking a tumor isn’t synonymous with treating cancer or even extending your life. Even in the event that you like a temporary shrinkage of your tumor as a result of chemical bombardment there isn’t any evidence whatsoever that this has any connection whatsoever with treating your cancer. The reason you’re tempted to give your life savings because of this ridiculous treatment is because you’re assured that as a cancer sufferer this “treatment” will supply you with a better quality of life. This better quality of life however is tough to relate to when you invest the greater part of the day throwing up, while simultaneously losing all your hair.

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    Please note however that all this doesn’t necessarily mean cancer victims don’t have any hope. Just because common sense tells you that bombarding your body with deadly poisonous chemicals isn’t the answer shouldn’t leave you with the feeling that you’re on a deadly rollercoaster streaking towards a horrible and painful death.

    Holistic treatment

    Many holistic practitioners are well aware of the body’s amazing ability to heal itself if given the opportunity. As a matter of fact, a strong immune system is absolutely your ONLY chance. Many have realized a whole reversal and have gone on to lead long and full lives after being diagnosed with the”C” word. Nevertheless the solution isn’t to be found if you decide on a mainstream physician who knows of no other way of a cure then using man made drugs. Many have already discovered (and perhaps you will too) that the treatment is in fact as straightforward as fasting.

    That’s right, fasting! When you completely deny your body of anything aside from pure water and fresh whole plant juices that the cancer can be also denied that with which to flourish and the body gets just what it needs to cure itself and no longer. Your doctor probably will not tell you this because of ignorance or something worse but the figures for complete reversal of cancer during pure juice fasting is incontrovertible.

    Final note

    If you’re diagnosed with cancer and select the chemotherapy route you’re going towards a certain death and the trip will be extremely uncomfortable and probably downright debilitating. The good news however is that there are proven organic treatments where the body is permitted to cure itself and this may come as a shock to you but your incredible, miraculously created body doesn’t need one artificial lab made medication to do so. I pray dear cancer sufferer you will think about the logic of the above and your spirit is truly testifying to the fact of it. But even in the event that you approach this holistic treatment with trepidation, in fact you have absolutely nothing to lose by ridding yourself of it. You’re dying anyway. You owe it to yourself to make a diligent study of these issues like your life depended upon it.

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