What Is The Right Bee Pollen Dosage?

Bee pollen may be perhaps one of the most incredible foods ever to be discovered. It’s the richest way to obtain vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, proteins, good fats, hormones, and natural antibiotics. Its nutritional and medicinal value has been acknowledged on the centuries, and today, this is a popular health supplement in plenty of households.

Health benefits

This pollen includes a lot of health benefits to provide. Generally, individuals who take pollen as a product have reported higher energy and much more vitality. It strengthens one’s disease fighting capability, promotes weight reduction, relieves allergies, and is even recognized to cleanse your body of toxins – rendering it a sensible way to detoxify regularly. The benefits it provides have gotten some individuals to dub it as “an ideal food” because it includes a wide range of nutrients to provide, and these nutrients will be the ones which are vital in sustaining a wholesome life.

Due to the rising awareness of its health advantages, lots of people have begun hearing about any of it and would like to check it out. However, most people that are new to the thought of taking this as a product are not quite certain regarding the dosage of the bumblebee pollen they should be taking. Just what exactly may be the proper bee pollen dosage?

Take into account

Basically, there are many forms of this pollen available for sale. Those in granules form and capsule form will be the most common types you’ll find. Although granulated honey bee pollen works well and provides you with the very best of what bee pollen can provide, it is best to understand that it can have expiry dates too, exactly like any other food on the market.

This can be a natural food, thus it generally does not contain any preservatives in order to extend its shelf life. Just how about those in capsule form? Well, bees preserve their pollen, rendering it last for weeks, months, and also years, by coating it in royal jelly which really is a waxy, oily substance made by bees that’s abundant with vitamin K. So, bee pollen in capsule form are stated in a means that mimics the natural preservation procedure for bees, making it go longer. Thus, it is strongly recommended to go for capsules if you cannot consume a bag of granules over a particular period of time.


If you are new to going for a pollen supplement, start with a little bee pollen dosage and observe how the body reacts to it. Once you’ve determined your body can tolerate it well, you could start taking it on a regular basis at full dose. Common doses for granules is 1-2 teaspoons each day mixed in yogurt, juice, cereal, oatmeal, apple sauce, or as is. The recommended bee pollen dosage for capsule or tablet form is 1000 mg – 2000 mg each day. These dosages are for general health purposes. If you’re treating a specific condition, check with your doctor first because the dosage might need to be increased.

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